How to Eat Healthy Always

Bodhi-Sattva-Hey attractive women and men of steel, a greeting from your personal trainer trusted, Bodhi. I see you breathe fresh air after a number of years and finally feel alive, well done ladies and gentlemen, well done!

Now, what I want to talk, my method of “MARTIAL.”

What I call the MARTIAL eating is simply put a mental condition in which change the way we view food, and move the point of view of food sensory joy on what it really is: to support our body with the energy needed to survive.

When we approach a fast food, a restaurant or some other place where they serve food, we see big signs with parts XXXXXXXL, food dripping oil and spices, and so on. The pictures are perfectly designed to propose our minds all the abundance that we deserve when we eat. But it is a fallacy: there is nothing worse!

Our body, in fact, should only be charged with “fuel” that is required for a specific task. It should not be overloaded with gallons and liters of gasoline even if our idea is already full and we’re going to go around the Park and then again.

This abundance is the mirror of the EGO hypertrophic man. Even during the middle ages the King used to express their power and their social imbandendo their table with all kinds of food, and that’s why I Kings were fat and riders in good shape.

We must not follow that example, we must free ourselves from the whirlwind draft honeyed, coming from advertising and from what the social context suggests that “the right way to live.” We must be rigid, fixed, fixed, MONOLITHIC in our choice to eat as well as we wanted to. No matter what other people think, we do what is right.

Some tips to make you understand what I mean by short MARTIAL eating:

  • -Food energy to survive, not a sexual act;
    · Plan your meals according to what you do in the following hours;
    · -That food for x-rays in search of nutrients;
    · -You need never be hungry;
    · -Eat every 3-4 hours and your body will become a locomotive;
    · -There is no “day off” from Martial eat;

First, focus on what happens when you put something in your mouth, what are your feelings. We often eat without even realizing it, and this does not lead to something good, we have control of our desires.Only then will we really free to act, then we will not be driven by multinational corporations, the boss, parents, spouse, etc.

We begin to free ourselves from what we have at hand: our impulses and desires, then move on to something more complex.

We will continue to explain better the above points:

· Food energy to survive, not a sexual act

Never eat to feel better. If you feel like “I’ll give you a little reward, I am very sad these days,” you know that you will overcome difficult to eat. It will be just a small palliative and pain will come back as soon as the sugar levels in the blood drop.

Slide the tank to kick and say: “now I’m going to eat a healthy meal because that is what I need. But I know that there is something wrong in these days, I’ll sit down and I will identify so that you know what the problem is, and when I found out that I will take it in the hand, otherwise the problem will be to have to beat me “!

In short, avoid determined too much oil or butter, salt, processed foods every day, you’ll need to rediscover the taste that counts, not to cover it with something that gives the flavor that appeals to you, grilled EVERYTHING!

· Plan your meals, depending on what you’re doing in the hours after

This is an important point; you would not go to war with a water pistol that you wouldn’t go in search of mosquitoes with the M61 Vulcan, right? Well, eating the same thing, if you consume four course lunch, just because it is a “most important meal of the day”, even if you spend the next 4-5 hours sitting on a Chair in the Office, your body will eventually put away all the extra calories, for future use.

But you have to ask yourself is: “What should I do when I ate my meal”? If the answer is a nuclear training, we make sure to take an appropriate amount of carbohydrates with differing absorption rate and enough protein so that we can give 105% of our commitment to practice and make sure it is worth it if the answer is “I’m going to go to the movies, or at least I am not going to do anything in order to use the calories you eat “Let us meet a couple of fruit, a small amount of carbohydrates with low GI, as it does not trigger the demise of insulin and a bit of” dear old proteins.

That’s the trick, the heavy weapons of business trips and heavy blow against prejudice in time of peace!

· Spend your foods to x-rays in search of macronutrients

You should always know what you are eating, it is packaged in a snack or something you purchased from factor. In each meal, you must always find a source of protein.
You should never make a meal of carbohydrates, fat, and carbohydrates than.

That said, moving x-rays and do a scan of everything you eat in search of macro namely proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Proteins must be the main discriminatory when fat olive oil and fatty fish is best).

I will make the two examples given that this is an important point:

Example 1: snacking in the OFFICE

I’m at the Office and go to the “machinery” as something to eat snacks, because I forgot to bring it from home. Check and see lots of pastries cakes, read on the back of the package, but we already know we can’t eat them because they are just saturated animal fats and carbs with a high GI. Then we see chocolate, toffee bars some salty snacks and a few sandwiches.

95% of these products were not even the smell of the protein, then away with the lesser evil: the sandwich, choose one with PIU ‘ less protein and carbohydrates, then check the fat and a third distinctive choose one with less fat.

There are sandwiches with salmon, tuna, chicken breast in the oven, and other protein sources, or we can accept biscuits and parmesan, definitely fat, but also full of protein.

Another trick when you eat sandwiches, which I explained on the article “eating out” and “how to eat on the Distributor”, throw half the bread with mayonnaise, add a squeeze and we.

Do this every time you forget to grab a snack at the Office!

Example 2: the restaurant

The same rules, there is a source of protein, low Glycemic carbohydrates and low in fat, and fill the pot with: bread or other carbohydrates with low GI, or lentils, beans, fruits, and low GI apricots, peaches, apples, oranges. When you eat your scope just eating a piece of bread every two bites, and ensure that bread remains on the table, but eating all your protein source. No seasoning, a little salt, a little oil, no butter.


You have to know what you eat every time you sit down at the table. If you continue to throw down the first happens you can be sure that is probably the worst thing you can choose.

-You should never be hungry
Important point, hang it on the fridge, if you eat when you are hungry you will eat more than you need, and not what will control the ingest, if you give energy to the body every 3-4 hours, the 6-7 times a day, will be in perfect balance and full of energy throughout the day.

Never do not get hungry at the next meal, never eat when you are hungry!

-Eat every 3-4 hours and your body will become a locomotive
If you eat a small meal, often the body will never go into “survival mode” and not say, ‘ ok, I ate six hours ago, I do not know when my Lord will eat again, so what will the next meal will be put aside as fat for future use. ”

This is what he tells the body when hungry, “put the village!”, if you are taking thyroid something to do seven times a day, your metabolism sbufferà steam like a train 24 hours a day, and will not put something aside, especially if you respect the rule “I exercise, I eat more, I’m still eat less, no matter what happens.”

At breakfast we have to eat carbohydrates to load your muscles glykogenlager, but then we have to take some carbs within hours if we need it for something immediately. We also choose different carbohydrates.

And don’t forget to eat a small snack before bedtime

  • There are no “days off” in Martial Eating
    Yes, you don’t need a day off, it must become a way of life, not a diet, you can’t say “ok, now I have binged, then in the morning.” No, not good! This is a nearly endless vortex that takes you to a way of life that you are slaves of the vicious circle “want-to-spoiled”, which is not what we want!

If sometimes you eat something exciting ok, no problem, as long as a meal and not a whole day or even a week tops, just to “sistemiate” meals “party” with tricks like throwing the carbs, always find the source of proteins, etc. In practice, we limit the damage, there must be a way of thinking, when you start you’re done!


Well after all I do not know if I could explain what it means to perfection Martial eat. The most important thing, however, is to free the mind of asking for food, see food as macro nutrients that we need, maybe 5 slices of Ham with a cup of milk before bedtime is not good, but it’s good. Six egg whites are cooked in a pan without salt and oil are eaten by 4 at the Office because I need to practice soon after, or take a banana, an orange, and 7 slices dried beef in the gym doing sbellicare those who spend their lives “shake” proteins.
There is no “one way”, one that is easy or give us joy in power is OK, even if we can mix the ingredients in a healthy meal, remember it!
If you can find yourself in a situation where you do not capitulate in a desire to never eat, forget about spices, and you see the food code for MATRIX, you are probably dropping by the mechanism of the “I eat because I was told, because I do not serve as a source of energy,” after all, the key is balance, and our society is not balanced, even in to eat!