How to Disguise and Treat Acne During Pregnancy

There are cases in which being pregnant may recall the old days of puberty where the acne was the great nightmare. Sometimes with the pregnancy in the first trimester begins the emergence of some skin problems including acne. However don’t worry too much because by the second trimester, or right after the baby is born, the acne goes away.

However to Prevent and Treat Acne During Pregnancy Follow the Following Advice:

  • Always clean your face morning and night with a non-greasy cleansing milk. Some brands of cosmetics available at pharmacies have beauty products specific to pregnant women free of some components special products for acne have but that should not be used during pregnancy.
  • Consider changing your usual moisturizer as well as your makeup to greasy products.
  • To cover the pimples of acne use a broker (concealer). When buying a broker make sure it is the right color, otherwise it may fall in the risk of using something that still gives more prominence to bubbles, rather than disguise. Ask the person that is to assist in the purchase of makeup to try and to advise what will be the right tone for you. The broker must be applied over the base, if you use
  • Once a week do a mask of beauty clay based or oatmeal to help clean and unclog the pores of the skin.
  • Wash and disinfect frequently brushes and sponges you use for makeup and change the covers of the bed pillows at least once a week.
  • Do not use treatments or products antiacne without confirming with your dermatologist or physician assistant who can do it. Many acne products contain ingredients that are not safe to use during pregnancy.
  • Avoid using products with Retinol A, Isotretinoin and tetracycline – the use of these products is not recommended during pregnancy.