How to Decorate Your House for Easter

Easter is a wonderful holiday. In addition to colorful eggs it can be matched with suitable decoration. You will find some ideas suitable for Easter decoration.

Easter Decoration

Extremely spectacular would happen if shape small baskets of fabric or tie a ribbon on the eggs and place them as a gift for everyone on the table.

For unique eggs are needed original and unique stands. Of course, they can be purchased as ready and adapted by various objects and containers for other purposes or made ​​yourself. The easiest way to prepare their home is through old newspapers and magazines. They rolled tubes for knitting. You each can folded basket of Easter eggs.

For this purpose it is needed to peel eggs on a cardboard and paper tubes for knitting. Bark cut a piece of cardboard the size of a base – a rectangle or square choice. Basket weave is desired depth and is glued to the bottom. Stained top and cover with water-based varnish.

Another interesting and beautiful idea for the festival are Easter baskets. Anyone without a problem can not cope with their arrangement. For decoration can use spring flowers, twigs, stones and eggs. In order to be fresh for a long time, flowers are placed in a special sponge soaked with water.

Around them forming miniature garden with green moss and stones. Can be used elements like fresh willow twigs shaped bays in which to place Easter eggs. Easter baskets are great for decoration and gift in wooden wall clocks.

Table for the holiday must also be festive. The freshness and spring mood is achieved with the scent of spring flowers. Interesting have any decorations with Easter eggs arranged in different ways – placed in nests or in a real garden of flowers on the table.

Good idea to wrap nest of willow twigs. At its center is placed a small pot of violets, and around it are scattered beautiful Easter eggs. Another variant is the shells of eggs to put in flower stalk, thereby form a beautiful arrangement in the middle of the table or in front of every guest.