How to Decorate Your House for Christmas with Paper

Already felt the Christmas spirit, fir trees in the stores, advertisements and brochures invited to hasten the choice for Christmas gifts. Even if your child has sent a letter to Santa.

Time Christmas spirit to enter in your home and create a warm atmosphere in the winter fairy nights. The easiest way to achieve this is to decorate your home. The good thing is that everyone can join in this fun pastime. We offer a cheap and fun way to decorate Christmas paper.

  1. Make your Christmas tree made ​​of paper. The size of the tree you can choose yourself, draw two equal sized trees, cut them, do incision from the top to the middle of the one on the stem to the top of the other and put them together.
  1. You already have a tree. Decorate it with paper made ​​from white snowflakes, hearts, reindeer and stars.
  2. Make garlands of paper. The easiest way is to make paper rings that blind as a chain. May be of different colors or a color, you are the artist. Garlands of stars or snowflakes is also an interesting option. With them you can decorate the Christmas tree or just to hang in the window.
  1. Decorate windows by pasting snowflakes, snowman and made ​​paper stars.
  2. Make a curtain of falling snowflakes. Also include a wall clock, such as franciscogardening.

You can use a thin white thread or cord, thread paper snowflakes hang them on the cornice fall freely.

  1. Christmas mood on the table. Make your cup holders in the form of a snowman, reindeer, bells or star made of cardboard.
  1. Christmas wreath. Use a paper bag. Cut her there in which relate both parts to get a long list and you start to wrap and shape the circle. Decorate it as you wish, with a cloth or paper again.
  1. Decorate your fireplace. Put paper presents mantel or just stick chaotic snowflakes.