How to Decorate Your Bedroom

The bedrooms in each house and you want the bedroom to create a place where you want to stay happy and exude calm. A bedroom decorating is not easy because you have to make many different choices. Indeed, the selection of the main bed. Well take the time to educate you for a good night’s sleep is important.

Previously they slept quite different

Our ancestors have not paid much attention to the bedroom. In many homes was a box bed where the mattress consisted of straw. Later this kapok mattresses. For the kids there was a loft, where sometimes a few small rooms were boarded up so that boys and girls could sleep separately and it kept you on it. In the small working-class houses in the cities of the bedrooms were not very well attended. They often slept in the living room on a folding bed and the kids had a joint or two bedrooms that were sometimes located in an annex. Moreover, it was then in the scorching summer and freezing in winter. Many of us remember the frost on the windows. From the fifties of the last century, much has changed. There were new house with spacious bedrooms and large windows so the air was better. The quality of the mattresses also improved. In the seventies, it was felt that sleep was difficult healthier than soft sleep but this theory is outdated. Uden was Dico factory that produced the steel beds and these were delivered throughout the Netherlands. In 2009 Dico went bankrupt. The third generation of the family that owns the JCP-Coenen was Dico started in the early eighties with the Beter Bed. This company provides beds throughout the Netherlands. They have 80 stores. Better bed is one of the largest suppliers of beds in the Netherlands. Read here ( for how to decorate your bedroom with wall stickers.

Setting up in the bedroom

Start with a piece of paper to make a drawing of the space and take in the bed of this is the key point. Then you can subscribe associated furniture. Great tool here is the 3D program Google SketchUp. The easiest way to decorate a bedroom where there is no furniture, and you are totally free to choose the style that you like and that suits you. If you’re going to find out fabrics for curtains, you can take the best room curtains high because it gives a sense of space. You can also directly take pillows from the same fabric as the curtains, and sometimes it is also possible to take the duvet cover in the same fabric. It is important to choose colors exudes calm. The decoration can be held to the last, but it will not be too abundant and must not disturb the peace. Lighting is an important point in the bedroom, while often considered inferior. A beautiful atmospheric lighting are in place here. Wall and floor coverings may well in deferred choose colors depending on the flooring you want to. Parquet, laminate or carpet is more obvious than the tile, though the latter also quite nice and cool can happen. When the bed or should be some solid dress down to avoid cold feet when they stand up.

The bed

Pick out a bed is a very difficult job. You do this only a few times and every time new products on the market. Actually, the bed frame is less important as the choice of a good mattress. Of course you want the interior as beautiful as possible and have already made up your style. But take a lot of time to choose a good and suitable mattress. It is important to determine in advance if you want one or two mattresses. Many people choose two mattresses because you will suffer less if your partner is sleeping restlessly. Other people are afraid that mattresses are not close to each other and therefore still choose a single mattress. You also own weight and your partner is important when choosing. Often one partner has a firmer mattress needs than another. This choice is very personal and it is best if you have decided on your choice together before going to the store. The width of the mattress and the crib is mainly due to the space offers the bedroom. This also applies to the length that a decision must be adequate.

What types of mattresses are available for sale

  • Latex mattress
  • Memory foam mattress
  • Spring interior mattress
  • Polyurethane foam mattress
  • Air bed
  • Cold foam mattress
  • Water bed

Latex mattress
A latex mattress is not suitable for people who easily feel hot. It is made ​​of rubber. We work with different comfort zones. Latex mattresses can be placed on all bed bases except mesh bases.
Memory foam mattress
A memory foam mattress provides a high level of comfort as the mattress molds to your body. They take good moisture. Memory foam mattresses are also used in hospitals.

Spring interior mattress

Got suspension member feather follicles. The number of springs determines how fast the mattress adapts to the body. These are often firm mattresses suitable for heavy people who easily feel hot and does not have any joint problems.
Mattresses absorb moisture.
Polyurethane foam mattresses
These mattresses have a shorter life expectancy of three to five years. They are made ​​of old foam and have little resistance. They are the cheapest type of mattresses. They are anti-allergic.
Air mattress
Mattresses air core is very hygienic. There is an air mattress core and this is surrounded by cold foam or latex. The advantage is that these mattresses assume the shape of the body. They have a life span of ten to fifteen years.
Water bed
For a long time water beds very popular. They have a high level of comfort, but it is difficult to get in and out of bed. Moreover, the high energy costs and the possibility of leakage is present.

Which bed base we choose here

Then it is also the bottom of interest. In general, one can say that the bed frames are very practical. However, there are big differences in quality bed frames and a rib cannot impose any pocket spring mattress. The more bars are in the ground, the better it is to set. The successor of the slats is the dish bottom. This is particularly suitable for cold foam mattresses. One can also opt for a box spring, which literally means the box springs. Mask bases are suitable for memory foam mattresses. Very nice it is when you can adjust the bed in various positions. Sometimes you want to head a little higher but with tired feet it is ideal to set a little higher at the foot of the bed.