How to Decorate for a Christening for Hosting

How to decorate for a baptism? Here are the original and unique layout tips and ideas from wedding favors on the buffet table, passing through the cake, until the preparation of the House that will welcome all the guests, family and friends, to celebrate the happy occasion with you. Many ideas and the important steps for planning a perfect party!
If you don’t want to spend a fortune celebrating at a restaurant, set up your home for baptism, reminding you not to overdo it!
For the day of the event we must consider the floral arrangements for different types of wall clocks, which should be very soft and refined. Then space to all shades of white, cream and cream. Decorated the entrance of the House with lots of balloons, ribbons and festooned with the colors of blue or pink, depending on if it’s a baby boy or girl. You can also opt for other nuance, such as yellow or green. Insert funny white trees at the entrance; then choose the room with more light to host the buffet. Remove rugs, delicate ornaments and other small items, thus leaving room for guests to eat and converse with ease.
With regard to the preparation of the Board to the Baptism, Boater Drapers damask table linens in pink or blue, depending on the sex of the newborn, and ceramic and glass Cookware. Prepare asimple buffet, seasonal and genuine spelt salad or panzanella and based summer couscous but also pies, quiche and tiny Souffles. Must not miss plum cakes and savory muffins, scones and mini croissants stuffed.

Placed at the center of the table a bouquet of white flowers made with romantic roses, lilies and other flowers. If you have some space set up two tables: one for the savoury and sweet ones. On that sweet place of glass bowls full of sugared almonds; as for the color, as well as on the classic pink or blue, you can bet on black.
You can enter details unicolor with ribbons, bows or small parts: the latter choice today is among the most popular trends. If you do not want to stay on the traditional, you can indulge with shapes: they are very beautiful, for example, the heart-shaped confetti.

For a reception organized perfectly certainly cannot miss the Classic christening cake. During this period are very popular ones decorated by a cake designer, multilayer and colorful, otherwise opt for the Italian tradition, with sponge cake filled with cream and covered with fluffy whipped cream.

Sophistication, style, good taste and originality: these are the keywords for organizing a celebration of Baptism in a big way, to remember for a lifetime. And if you have little time to arrange a Baptism, contact an event planner, a trend that comes from America and that is taking place all over Europe!