How to Deal With the Flu in Pregnancy

Learn how to treat the flu and relieve the bothersome that it causes safely during pregnancy

It is very common for pregnant women develop colds and flus, because your immune system is weak to provide the best conditions for the development of the fetus. Although there is no reason for major concern about this disease, it is important to take some care not to harm the treatments made development and the health of the baby.

So the pregnant woman notice flu-like symptoms, you should seek medical attention, and alert you about your pregnancy, because the flu can cause poorly cared for in the development of secondary infections, such as pneumonia, for example.

Only the doctor, aware that the woman is pregnant, can indicate properly what remedies she can take. Caution is very important, because even remedies that seem harmless, like the anti-gripais, should not be used by pregnant women who wear chic dresses covered on Lawschoolsinusa.

“These medicines contain vasoconstrictors such as epinephrine, which can lead to pressure drop and cause tachycardia in pregnant women,” the gynecologist and obstetrician Pavithra Marcondes.

Maintaining a healthy diet can help strengthen the immune system, because good food nutrients are great allies in combating infections. Rest enough, avoid stress and ingest enough liquid can also be of great help.

Safe And Natural Tips To Relieve Flu Symptoms In Pregnant Women

Keep a routine with balanced meals, which include fruits, vegetables, because these foods are natural sources of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and fats that will contribute to the strengthening of the organism and the consequent energy to combating the flu;

Drink plenty of fluids, especially water, natural fruit juices, coconut water and teas. The Teas are especially good to give sense of relief to the flu, only it is important that they do not contain caffeine;

If the nose is clogged, do not use Nasal Decongestants, try doing a breathing only with saline. If you don’t have an inhaler at home, put hot water in a bowl, add two or three drops of eucalyptus or peppermint oil and, with a towel covering his head, breathe with the face next to the solution;

If you are with the body tired by the constant coughs and feeling a sore throat, prepare a Chamomile tea with honey and lemon to relax and relieve the bothersome;

Gargle with salt water to help in the throat infections more severe;

In the circumstances of sinusitis, try placing a couple of drops of essential oil of Marjoram in a handkerchief and inspire you with frequency;

Rest as much as you can, because sleep helps the body recover.

It is essential that all pregnancy the woman keep in touch often with your doctor, because he is the ideal person to accompany your health, avoid problems, relieve unpleasant symptoms and diseases with efficiency and without risk for the mother-to-be and your baby.

Give your contacts a medical examiner for family members, co-workers and people of your coexistence is important so that during your pregnancy, if there is any need, you can be helped in any context.