How to Combine the Accessories with the Party Dress

Most women are having doubts at the time of matching accessories with the party dress.

After all, this type of production is more formal and can have more details, which makes it more difficult to combine.

But, with a few simple tips you can create a beautiful and modern look, without running the risk of making mistakes.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled the best tips of how to combine accessories with the party dress. Here’s how to choose the accessories according to the type of party and with the color of the dress. With these tips you can’t miss in the production.

Sports Costume:

In this type of occasion if opting for a nude dress one of the alternatives is to use a sandal or shoe of the same tone.

But not to keep the look off, a good alternative is to bet on sandals with holes, cutouts or sparkles.

The dark pink and turquoise are also beautiful with that color for being a simpler costume, just be careful with the very flashy accessories.

Fine Costume:

Already parties more chic like weddings, for example, ask for more sophisticated footwear. Nude long dress is perfect with rosy-hued shoes or in skin tones. The accessories can be more eye-catching or low according to the time of the party.

A good tip for parties of day is betting on silver and on the jewelry with Rhinestones or pearls. During the night the shades of purple or strong shades give stones to dress.

Sports Costume:

Time to use the black in this kind of costume you can’t miss. A good suggestion is to bet on silver and shiny accessories. But beyond them, the necklaces and earrings with stones from other colors match great with black. As black goes with everything, choose the shoe one you like.

Fine Costume:

In this kind of party dress is always more sophisticated, and to follow this style, the accessories must adhere.

So, don’t be afraid to combine long black dress with a beautiful sandal of bold colors such as red.

In choosing the accessories, bet on large jewelry that can be of different kinds of stones.

Sports Costume:

In a party that asks for this kind of costume, to match the dress in strong tones such as blue, yellow, green and red, bet on a shoe neutral tone to make the look more balanced.

Not to take the risk of making mistakes in the choice of costume jewelry, bet on more neutral color or silver or gold.

Fine Costume:

To match this kind of suit that asks a long gown, the best tip is to bet on a nude or black shoe to keep the look loaded.

This tip also serves in choosing the earring, necklace, etc. In this case, when in doubt prefer betting on tip less is more.