How to Choose the Right Outfit for Every Occasion

Even with fashion being very democratic, with the prevalence of personal style, yet we must obey certain types of dress code, that distinguish the different types of social events.

Dress appropriately for every occasion, you have to know well the suit indicated to them, which can be: sport, walking, social, black-tie, gala, etc. Follow the tips below and learn how to hit in the choice:

-For formal parties, the dress is always the right option, however the jeans can also be used. In this case, invest in a good pair of jeans with a blouse with details.

-Before the event, always try to learn about the environment of the party to avoid attending dress inappropriately.

– Avoid the “combinandinho”. Nowadays, must not use more shoes and handbags of the same color. These accessories can combine with each other, but now they must have different colors of the costume.

-Be careful not to overestimate or jewelry. If you have insecurities, opt for more discreet accessories, especially if you wear dresses with embroidery.

-Choose clothes with bright colors and dull, for events before the 6:00 pm.

-For weddings in the morning, avoid shiny fabrics, embroideries and flashy jewelry. Prefer fabrics such as linen, silk or clear. If it is night, and ceremonious, choose a more exquisite, like a silk crafted, taffeta, crepe or moiré.

-On ballad, is allow dare, invest in a most creative outfit from, sexy and shiny. However, paying attention to the taste, so that the visual style and not be tacky or trashy.

-If you want to make a mistake in formal events, the “little black dress” is always a great solution. Watch out for it to be well cut, fabric, decorated by a touch of brightness-gem or jewelry.

-Informal occasions ask for pieces more comfortable, cotton and linen. Choose a skirt paired with a blouse more loosey-goosey. If the time to cool, take the shirt, overlays with another shirt and a sweater or structured blazer on top.