How to Choose the Right Faucet

Looking for a new faucet for your bathroom or kitchen? Whether for a bathtub for a shower, for a sink or a sink, there is a multitude of models and styles on the market. Some tips to help you understand.

The types of valves

-The mixing valve: the basic tap consists of a pouring spout and two controls, one for hot water (left) and the other for cold water (right). With this product, you manually mix hot and cold water to get the desired temperature.
-The tap or faucet easy: unlike the mixer, the single mixer has only a single manual control that is active horizontally to change the water temperature.
-The thermostatic mixer: this model allows you to choose the temperature of the water and keep it, according to predefined levels and even to the degree with the most sophisticated devices. Some thermostatic mixing valves are equipped with a safety which sets a maximum temperature not to exceed to avoid burns.
-The mixer waterfall: Waterfall faucet, which can be thermostatic or not, is to feature his flattened nose that diffuses water Cascade. It is mostly used for large basins or tubs, and more consistent with the high beam quality of the fittings.

The selection criteria

-The fixation: the fittings can be installed through a fixing piece is (only 1 hole in the fixture for the supply pipes) or battery (2 openings for each pipe, even if the 3 spout is independent).
-The dimensions: the height of the nozzle comes into consideration for practical reasons, because it must integrate with other water feature elements ( wardrobe, mirror,  column shower , etc.).
-The sustainability: when installing a new faucet at home, it is usually for the long term. The valve must be able to withstand the ravages of time and the many daily activations. The weight is a good indicator of the quality of materials; more the tap is heavy, the better.
-The Certification: NF guarantees the quality of the product, remember to check that the logo is present on the package before making your purchase.
-The aesthetics: you can opt for a classic / retro with basic and simple forms taps, or a design / chrome fittings with additional accessories such as an infrared sensor, for example. the price range early prices start at 10 euros for the mixer tap or the simple mixer, and 50 euros for the thermostatic mixer. The chrome and advanced products displayed far greater rates between 100 and 300 euros. If you are an excellent handyman, please install your own tap, in order to save professional intervention (which can easily double the invoice). Where the faucet? You can find the all valves models in DIY stores or from specialist dealers in this area. Online shopping sites offer very attractive prices, although delivery times are sometimes long.See also: Our site.