How to Choose the Right Dresser

The dresser (dressing table, vanity table in English) was the toast of the women in the past. Disappeared for a while and now it’s back! The main reason for their return is the makeup. The dressing table has turned into a big ally of women.

It’s not news to anyone that the website speaking is a makeup addict. The post emerged from the consultation of a friend who asked me tips to make your beauty corner in the room. The intention of this post is to list what a dresser needs to have, i.e. a corner beauty super functional.

  1. Lighting. It doesn’t matter if the dresser has a modern style or old, the right lighting is fundamental in time to do her own make up. How about put it near a window for natural light. Another gimmick is the installation of lights (lamps, light bars). Direct lighting is recommended. What most decorators advise is to have lighting style dressing room (direct), to prevent the shading on the face. Who places lighting above the mirror, need to supplement with a side lighting not to give this umbrella. The positioning of the lights can be vital, but that will depend on the space as a whole. I’ve seen too, a lighting that leaves behind the mirror (but not tested to see if it was really good).
  2. Mirror. The ideal is to have a normal mirror that can show the face and the neck, another mirror (with one hand) to show the makeup in detail, especially to help in a make more elaborate in the eye.
  3. Size of the Dressing Table. Harmony with the size of your space.Believe me! The most common mistake is to buy the mobile with wrong size. I have heard many reports of people selling furniture on it. I don’t believe only “olhômetro”, take the measurements with a tape measure.
  4. Drawers, Storage Spaces.This factor facilitates the Organization of items of makeup, cosmetics, combs, brushes.All of your space beauty in a place near you. In actuality, being very used transparent materials (acrylic, glass) to make the makeup counter top space and turn it into an option even more functional.
  5. Choose the Appropriate Seat. Bench or Chair? For those who don’t have much space, the bench can be a good ally to make better use of the space. There’s even those who stick under the counter top. Do you know how?
  6. Give Your Personal Touch.The coolest things are those that have our “man” as an object of decoration, the choice of luminaires, the spot to put the makeup brushes.

Girls, there are no fixed rules on time to plan or buy your dresser. Take advantage of tips, adapt them to your space and use their creativity. Make a corner beauty more cozy, functional and beautiful for you! After this post, I started to thinking in a corner beauty with Dresser to me!

And you? Have any tips for the beauty space of the room, closet or bathroom? Comment and share your ideas! Let us help!