How to Choose The Best Water Bottle

When you do your bag, or when you prepare your portfolio it is inevitable to carry the water bottle, we will thus be hydrated and ready for our training.

The first thing to consider is the material of which it is made, since there are some components which can be harmful to health, such as Bisphenol (BPA), a compound that have many plastics and degrades over time, it is ideal that if you have a bottle is glass, although they do have weight and fragility against It is the best option anyway.

There are many bottles that are BPA-free special plastic, i.e. do not contain Bisphenol, that is the best way to continue with plastic. Below are our favorite left:

BKR: is one of the most popular, among the famous such as Gisele Bündchen and Alessandra Ambrosio, the cute colors cakes and designs that have. These bottles can be found in stores such as Falabella are glass and have a silicone sleeve. Non-toxic and 100% disposable.

Klean Kanteen: they are made of stainless steel and are perfect for fans of the trail. There are different sizes and have the particularity of being very light and resistant. It fits in any backpack, briefcase or Cup holders. Thanks to its nozzle you can put ice and as the lid is screwed, you won’t spill any drop.

Bottle Bobble: The incredible thing of this bottle is your carbon filter, which ensures that the water we drink is clean, free of chlorine, chemical contaminants and therefore have good taste. Filter lasts up to 300 applications and is BPA free plastic. See: Waterbottlesshop

Another issue that you should consider is how to wash your bottle, for that you have to follow these steps:

Check if it is suitable for the dishwasher, if so separate CAP and bulb of the bottle, so everything is cleaned separately.

ALWAYS wash it after each use.

If it is wash by hand using a non-abrasive pants and let it dry overnight.

If you have time, you can fill out one-fifth of the bottle with white vinegar and the rest with water, let it sit overnight and ready. Your bottle will be super clean.