How to Choose Nice Cufflinks

After speaking of male jewelry, it was time to dedicate a space ad hoc to the twins for men to choose from for the shirts.

I know, it’s an accessory that makes you come up with the most classic occasions when wearing them: marriage, that is, to friends, family or colleagues. For goodness sake, I hope it is clear now how to choose wedding rings and what are the jewelry for the perfect bride, then think of the twins from man would close a circle.

Yet a ceremony is not the only occasion on which pull off their twins and now we will see why.

The history of cufflinks

There is still much mystery around the historical origin of Gemini men, apparently the first sleeve buttons have appeared after the Renaissance among the nobles and the English upper classes. Before then were used brooches, belts and laces to hold clothes together.

In 600 man’s twins were all the rage among British royalty, who commissioned in gold and precious stones to their jewellers.

It was, however, for the first time in France in 1788 there was talk of wrist cuff link, a must-have accessory for the nobles at the Court of Versailles.

With the industrial revolution was invented the machine to produce cufflinks and so the cost of the accessory was reduced, the materials with which to achieve them they did multiply and stopped being the status symbol only for the upper-class.

After the second world war, then started the great economic boom and the twins from man to break free from need to be worn only with elegant clothes, to get in the 80s to become a popular accessory designers from all over the world with many types of clothing.

Today the twins men continue to be a must with the special occasion dresses, tight, with a tuxedo at a gala, and even with the frac. Probably that’s why younger people they consider an accessory overly formal, which is also a bit old to say the old fart.

The twins, however, are an invaluable tool-like jewelry for women-to express their own style, their own personality and assert its side glam.

Men’s shirts for twins

Gemini men need French cuff shirts -although in France is called the moschettiera– and that translated into Italian is the double cuff.

Double cuff is longer than normal cuff -what is folded back on itself-and instead of buttonhole and button has 2 slots in which are placed the twins to tie it.

Actually double cuff is a bit cumbersome and uncomfortable because of its rigidity and thickness, so I opt for a version more easy-going choosing a shirt with a standard cuff, but with 2 slots.

The rules on how to wear cufflinks

Men’s cufflinks that can be found in jewelry are many and recommend to choose what to wear based on the type of occasion that show them off.

As in the case of women with their jewelry, even for the man the twins can help to express a particular mood. My advice now is to focus in each case on the sobriety because sometimes I see cufflinks for men who would be better suited for an evening at the Cirque than anything else. This is not to say that can’t be done on the choices of character, mind you.

As in etiquette for women’s jewelry, there are few but important rules that suggest you follow when it comes to how to wear cuff links for men.

The first rule is that the twins in yellow gold are a classic choice, but when gold is too massive care must be taken to prevent gipsy, which always does a little Hick-gaudy.

The second rule is that when you choose the twins to wear the color of the metal they are made of gold or silver that is– should be matched chromatically to other metals worn, primarily the watch.

The third rule provides that the twins with precious stones are used to a gala or for important evening appointments.

According to the fourth rule if you have to choose low quality manufacturing twins – and there are many around- better not wear them. Just recently I happened to see breaking one right in the middle of an important meeting!

The different types of men’s cufflinks

There are many types of cufflinks for men to choose from, although the same rule applies to all: the twin ornate cuff must be facing outward. Let’s get into the details of the various closures based on the model of twin and difficulty of use.

Torpedo twins are not only common, but also the easiest to wear: has a bullet-shaped capsule supported by two clips, which you turn 90° on its axis by passing it into the slot.

Whale tail twins have the button plate and a stud to whale tail xed flipping it over, then turn it over to its original position so as to secure it to the cuff.

The twins fixed backing have the “button” and the toggle that are one piece of metal that does not bend or move in any way to insert it. For this reason it is a type of twin who could be a bit more cumbersome to wear.

Chain cufflinks are a super model-classic and elegant, but not really easy to wear and for this I recommend it to those who already have some familiarity with the twins. The advantage of this twin is which makes both sides decorated through the chain that acts as a connector and in addition allows you to leave softer cuff.

Reversible twins are one piece with decorated and for that you can decide which side show. In short, 2 pairs of twins for the price of one!

Spherical twins have a spherical closure, are very easy to wear and the cuff stays soft to wear.

How to store fine twins

For the twins from man the same advice I gave on how to store fine jewelry: after using them doesn’t throw them carelessly in the drawer, but clean with a soft cloth and store them in their custody so that you do not scrape.

The cufflinks gift

Obviously the occasions where you can give a nice pair of men’s cufflinks are many: from Valentine’s Day to the birthday, from Christmas to the engagement, wedding anniversary to a promotion. Though honestly there are many other occasions when we can present you with a nice pair of twins by surprise and the gift has an entirely different taste!

Needless to say, we are twins unpresentable, which cannot and should not be worn even under torture.

Every man should have at least 3 twins: one most important evening occasions, one for appointments and one casual leisure.

How cool a pair of cuff links worn with a nice sweater, with a sporty cut trousers or with a deconstructed.

I wanted to say and now I’ve said: we women over these looks scruffy and twenties between radical chic there also a little bored, at least as much as the damned-darkness. Right???