How to Choose Flashlight

Flashlight allows us to not stay at bullock’s domestic electrical failure or malfunction situations at night of our car. In this guide we will explain how to choose the model that best fits your needs.


From the lamp that turns on instantly and saves the evening when a storm is raging outside the window and skip the current, obviously attached to the electrical outlet, one flashlight that instead, portable, follows you down the stairs, basement, garage or somewhere.

Loyal and inseparable friend for all those who, as soon as it starts raining, embrace their beloved baby plush and begin to pray that does not jump, not the infamous dark, flashlight is one of those tools that are indispensable in the toolbox of anyone. It becomes almost a craft iron for some, a real lifeline for others. Not counting those supplied to numerous special forces and police, resistant and valid in all situations and conditions. By car, while camping, boating or even just in the House, always remember to keep a flashlight from Writingles. It is true that the darkness does not destroy what it hides, but why get swallow by a sudden and much unexpected darkness in the middle of a romantic dinner?

On second thought maybe this would be the only case where most of us would prefer darkness to light, the light of a candle to a lamp that all shows and everything. Removed this one hypothesis dunque.non just have to rush to buy a flashlight and hope that the light does not abandon us right on the most beautiful. Or, conversely, to do it. But discreetly. Maybe warn in advance so you organize with candles and matches.


The first major difference between flashlights that are available on the market is the coloring (plain or strong tones) and especially the materials used to carry them out: steel, rubber or plastic. Technically the flashlights can run on batteries or rechargeable batteries. Can work with led or luminous sphere, be self, magnetic, magnetic and/or emergency support. New products are ecological torches, those designed for athletes and those with keychain. Faced with an emergency situation it will be necessary to carry a torch whose batteries can withstand for a time.

In fact, such a situation is characterized by its unpredictability: If suddenly we are at home, in the dark, not knowing how long this will be useful to have a flashlight with batteries charged that can last as long as necessary to restore the light. That is why it is important to choose good quality batteries, no go for savings. In short we can say that a good flashlight with batteries is worth nothing! Choosing the proper torch also depends on the use you plan to make.

An interesting use is to keep it in the car in the event of a failure; in this case it is preferable to a small flashlight that carries out the basic task of enlightening but no special qualities. If we want to have a flashlight to keep in the home could also opt for broader light beams and a few more options. Separate discussion is clearly torches dedicated to professionals; to those who use them for work require torches with specific attributes and high reliability. Also torches technology developed: advanced models have special features, are very comfortable, easy to handle, simple and functional.

How to choose

As usual, the market offers many solutions. Batteries or rechargeable batteries. In range or steel. With incandescent or led bulb. Fiber-optic or infrared. Robotic ones for reading or anti black-out. Those with the keychain or magnet, ecological or frontal for the sport. Magnetic flexible or self and emergency. In short, the more you have and so forth, just choose according to your needs: in this regard is inquiring about estimated battery life. The size, functions and performance of course vary by type in type and brand, brand.

On the market there is a fair amount of accessories. The important thing is to choose with an eye to the wallet and head to the environment: assessing the value for money is crucial to tackle any type of purchase, but in this case there is no harm, nay, you must, take into account the energy saving factor.

Where to buy

At any qualified reseller, in stores that specialize in lighting, in supermarkets and even hardware stores. Not counting the internet offering a wide range of products with excellent photos and explanatory descriptions.

Whatever you intend to do with them, a flashlight is certainly essential in the dashboard or in the closet of any car and house. If you choose a small size, there will steal too much space. Easy to handle and extremely simple to use, you won’t regret the choice.

However, if you prefer and you need great performances, play it safe by focusing on a flashlight with more features and comfort: you will not be disappointed, the technology flies and therewith improve and increase the potential of any appliance. Flashlights including.

The important thing is to work with awareness and respect for the environment: retrieve resources and use rationally the energy available is a matter of civic and social maturity. Reduce waste and consume the necessary.


Save energy: a valuable tip, to say the least. Especially nowadays. To do so, someone has even replaced the lighthouse burned with a led powered at 220v 30w with innovative design, increasing the length of time of use and enduring a colder light, white notes, rather than gloat under any halogen whose light is certainly warmer and whose wider angle of illumination and extended.

While this is certainly a bizarre and slightly more expensive alternative, should not be underestimated: they are unusual and extravagant solutions with low energy consumption and if we have to add two more pennies on the counter of the store, patience: we pay for itself. And if you really don’t want to invest (investment because it is!) this bright, surrender to darkness aide valid. But don’t lose heart: nature is generous to those who respect, consideration and respect. If you care, there will always be up there, a lucky star for you who greet you with its soft light and will keep you company.