How to Choose a Wall for Interior Clock

It may seem that the clocks have gone long out of fashion. In fact, nowadays popularity are recovering and it is actively used in interior design. Wall clocks can be one of the most important elements of the style chosen, divide the space and make it more saturated colors.

Today, wall clocks has more decorative of the utility function. Therefore, the hours of choice for the interior they must decide which room is immediately installed.

Original Model for the Kitchen

children by the kitchen, you can choose the hours associated with the topic of food. Ideal would be the model in the form of pots, plates, glasses and various fruits. There are also more original clock for the kitchen, for example, those in which the dial is set in the context of a fan of spoons, forks and knives. In addition, the kitchen clock must be combined with other elements of Interior design – furniture, curtains, lamps, etc. D

ince the kitchen tends to be high humidity and constant temperature changes, will be better to choose a model of plastic, glass or metal.

for a child’s room, it is best to choose bright, cheerful clock in the shape of animals. It is not bad to be seen here and the cuckoo clock traditional. The choice of a watch for a child, don’t forget that children are generally characterized by high mobility and activity, so it is best to buy a solid model of natural materials. Chice

Hours for Bedroom and Living Room

The bedroom is better to hang a clock with arrows of progress bass sound. Of course, they also have to match the design of the room. For example, if a bedroom interior designed in classical style will be carved wooden model appropriate decoration. For a romantic style – elegant pastel-colored timepiece for bedroom. For the modern style of high-tech, it is best to choose electronic clock. By the way, that they work in silence and then do not prevent sleep. Therefore, it is best to see opposite the bed, Hung so woke up, immediately you can see the time jump out of bed and got dressed quickly, or can take a little more and take a NAP.

The interior of the living room are possible various experiments with style. For example, the growing popularity acquire great clock in a classic style or vintage. For the high-tech style living room fit the model with a large dial and original features. You can decorate one of the walls of the rooms of various models of watches made in the same style.

While today many are used to tell the time, looking at the screen of the computer or the mobile phone, the watches are still relevant and could serve as a worthy decorate the interior.

Council 2: How to Choose a Wall Clock

chosen well wall clock can decorate any room. However, your choice should take into account several important points for the purchase is not the disappointment and distress. Guide


First you need to determine the mechanism of hours. And quartz and mechanical watches have its pluses and minuses. For example, quartz watches do not have movement, which are more accurate and easy to use, in addition, are usually cheaper than mechanics, and the choice of models more. Wall mechanical watches most suitable for an elegant atmosphere, which will last you much longer and not have to change the batteries.


We must bear in mind that the life of batteries in quartz watches depends on its energy consumption. Consequently, lesser is the specified parameter, less is needed to change the batteries. In general, the battery should be changed once a year. Energy consumption depends on its clock speed. Discrete (with “steps” visible in the movements of the handle) requires less energy than soft. Arrow weight also influences the consumption of energy, which are heavier than the more power required hours, so these details hours often made of lightweight plastic or aluminum.

3 dial wall clock

It can be ceramic, metal, wood, paper, film or cardboard. Cardboard and paper cannot tolerate moisture and temperature changes, so these watches are not worth buying for rooms with high humidity or in the open air. The film is not afraid to deal with moisture, but their need to hide away from direct sunlight, otherwise only can burn. The most resistant materials is considered to be of ceramic, metal and wood, but, unfortunately, are much heavier than other options, so they have to hang on the strong attachment that is not always possible.


In the production of an inner clock is commonly used acrylic, instrumentation or mineral glass. He is considered the most durable acrylic, it is very difficult to break, but not flashed both as minerals, in addition, rapidly scratching. The instrumentation is also stronger than mineral glass, but if desired, it can be broken. The most delicate mineral crystal does not attract dust and is scratch resistant.


always pay attention to the fact of the ease with which “read” mark. Look at the image, colorful design and a clock often are “blind” mark. This phrase hours that it is impossible to determine quickly the designated time. Devices with “blind” dial can look good on the inside, to attract attention, but does not perform its basic function. Of course, if you have them as a decoration element, there is nothing bad in it. But if you need a watch that can be easily and quickly see the time, prefer simple, not too bright or frilly patterns.


quartz movement discrete arrow always sounds very strong, many people think that the sound is annoying. If you are sick, it carries ticking strong clock, choose a model with the good performance of the second part, or even without it. You must be of that mechanical clock marking each time, but its course is more smooth and silent tick.