How to Choose a Suitable Backpack

The backpack is one of essential accessories for every traveller, whether for a business trip, for leisure or for the holidays.


There are indeed two major types of doc Backpack: backpack leisure and trekking backpack. Before making your choice on a particular background, our comparison online offers some tips and examples of backpack that we’ve tested on

Backpack for recreational or trekking?

As its name suggests, the leisure backpack is for leisure and recreational activities. This accessory can accompany you almost everywhere, whether to take the plane, for a camping or for the holidays.

However, choosing this type of bag requires a time of reflection. Unlike a dedicated travel suitcase in towns, the leisure for man backpack is rather intended travel and outings in the wild and in the countryside, in the forest or in the mountains.

Usually small, the bag back leisure can be used as part of a personal or professional. There are indeed patterns of leisure in cab format backpack that respect the weight allowed on airplanes.

As for the trekking backpack, it is an accessory designed originally for pedestrian activities in mountainous areas.This type of backpack is dedicated to lovers of hiking.

Generally of large size, the trekking backpack offers a large storage space and plenty of pockets in order to transport all the equipment you need for hiking.

Its weight varies according to its size and its brand. If you are unsure what bag has back to man, our buying guide will offer you to discover the advantages and characteristics of each of these two types of bag backpack.

Leisure Backpack: what you should know

Before choosing a leisure backpack, you know some key points.

The benefits of the leisure backpack

The leisure backpack is designed to allow you to travel light while taking everything with you without the hassle. The benefits of this type of luggage are many to mention that:


Thanks to its convenient size, you can carry your backpack leisure everywhere, be it in the city, in the forest, in the countryside, or in aircraft cabin.

There are even models of backpack shoulder mens which are easy to transport or still are backpacks and bag in canvas for man. Even if they seem small enough, seen from the outside, they offer a large capacity inside to store all of your belongings.

Additional options

Like the travel cases, backpacks for leisure can be fitted with wheels to avoid fatigue and back pain.

Therefore, there is an effective alternative to enjoy maximum comfort while traveling.

The backpack to roulette is ideal when you travel a lot and you do not want to carry your baggage on the back.

The criteria for choosing a leisure backpack

When buying a bag backpack leisure, it’s for a long time. To avoid unpleasant surprises after the purchase of your bag of leisure, should pay special attention to the following points:

The size

It is the first criterion to be taken into account before buying a backpack leisure for man, woman or child. If you are flying, the ideal will be to opt for a cabin backpack to avoid paying additional fees.

The capacity and design

These two criteria are also to check since a backpack of small capacity will not allow you to carry everything you’ll need on your trip.

As for the design, it’s a matter of taste. You do not travel with a backpack who do not please? That said, if your style is rather retro for example, you can opt for a mens vintage leather backpack.

Currently, the brands in terms of bags as Eastpak offer models of backpack for stylish man and modern travellers who wish to stand out.

The usage type

The leisure backpack comes in different shapes, sizes and colors. To better choose yours, first determine the type of use you want to make.

If it is a simple hike in urban areas, a bag man for the city will be perfect, but you can also opt for a man for motorcycle backpack if you are fans of two-wheelers. For lovers of sport, a sport man backpack is a better alternative.

Trekking Backpack: the essentials

As the leisure backpack, backpack trekking for man also presents many significant benefits.Below, we will discover the main criteria to better choose a trekking backpack.

The main assets of a trekking backpack

To better choose your trekking backpack, first see the benefits it offers.

The ability

Trekking backpacks are renowned for their great ability. There are models of backpack xxl and cab formats depending on the brand.

They are usually equipped with large pockets and a control system for a perfect hold on the back.

This type of bag can be worn in any season and allows you to carry everything you need during your trip like clothes, foods and drinks, documents or other important accessories.

The robustness

Whatever the chosen volume, backpack trekking for men is designed in very resistant materials to ensure great strength for several years. If it is acclaimed for its great strength, it also offers a comfort without equal.

Carrying comfort

The majority of the backpacks of hikes as the backpack trip for man are equipped with pectoral straps, back support, a belt of portage and of back braces for an optimum carrying comfort.

All these features allow you to enjoy your hiking without fatigue easily, and this even if you wear it for several hours to deal with a heavy load.

How to choose a backpack trekking?

Some criteria are to check before opting for a backpack trekking for man, namely:


Knowing the unloaded weight of a bag backpack hiking for man is very important, since practicing mountain activities, you’ll have to take several pieces of equipment. If you so choose a heavy trekking backpack, do not be surprised if your luggage is too heavy.


The shape and style of the trekking backpack are criteria should not be overlooked. Who want to travel or walk around with a bag that doesn’t look like him? On Amazon, it’s easy to find bag back for man design and class templates.

The brand

Even if some men don’t often pay attention to brands of accessories they purchase, it is always advisable to focus on luggage from brands like a backpack mens Adidas or Nike, according to your preferences.

The best models of backpack for man

It must be admitted that a backpack purchase requires some investment.

To help you make the right choice, we offer the best models and leisure Backpack Backpack trekking for man offered on theAmazon site.

These backpacks for cheap man are all from brands such as Eastpak, Millet or Isi.

The Cooler backpack

In the city, camping, mountain or on vacation, this Cooler backpack fits all leisure and recreational activities. It is made in canvas and leather to guarantee high resistance to tears and rain.

With its dimensions of 30 x 18 x 38 cm, this backpack for original man has a lock combination for more protection. It is equipped with a strap on back and shoulder for a better comfort of portage. These large lateral and frontal pockets are ideal to store all objects you’ll need on your trip.

The BagBase backpack

Design and elegant, this backpack of the brand BagBase is an ally perfect for travel in urban areas, by plane or even ongoing for young people.

Manufactured in high quality, this backpack for stylish man has many pockets (inner and lateral) to slide all of your needed like your cell phone, your papers, etc.

It has adjustable straps padded for optimum carrying comfort.Different colors such as blue, red, fuchsia, or gray are available on Amazon.

The Padded Pak backpack ‘ Eastpak r

Eastpak is without dispute one of the leaders in the manufacture of backpacks for man, woman and child. For your leisure activities, holiday or travelling in town, this cheap Eastpak backpack will please you.

With a capacity of 24 litres with a large side pocket with zipper, this model Padded Pak’r has shoulders thick and padded for a comfortable and easy portage straps. This model is also available in several colors. By ordering this bag on Amazon, you can enjoy a 30 year warranty.

The Prolighter of Millet mountaineering backpack

You plan a hike in the mountains with your friends or your family, but you don’t know yet what backpack trekking choose.

The famous brand of Millet offers this backpack for mountaineering Prolighter at the best price.

Equipped with a door-FPP Ergo ice axe and side compression straps, this mens hiking backpack offers a 22 litre capacity to easily store all your belongings and your trekking equipment.

The Isi hiking backpack

You are a fan of trekking and you plan to make a small hike in the near future? Then it’s time for you to well equip yourself with a suitable trekking backpack. With a capacity of 60 litres, this rigid backpack of the Isi mark is very resistant Thanks to the quality of her sewing and its material composition.

It is equipped with a PVC inner lining for excellent protection against water. Its expandable straps offer great comfort from portage, even for several hours.

The Mardingtop hiking backpack

Always in the range of trekking backpacks, the Mardingtop brand stands by the quality of its accessories of luggage as this blue hiking backpack.

For easy carry all your personal belongings and your equipment, this model offers a scalable capacity of 70 + 10 litres. Functional and versatile, this backpack is made of high quality nylon for high resistance to wear. It is equipped with an ergonomic internal frame for an easy portage system. You can opt for the colour black or red if you don’t fancy blue.