How to Choose a Sports Bra? The Keys

One of the moments in which we most enjoyed most of us, as far as sport is concerned, and I especially as I have already told in previous articles as “shoes out of the gym” or you already deduciréis by others as “Bracelets count calories”, is in the equip us for the same practice.

This kit is complete, and because many we love to have everything, not only should we stay in pants and top parts that we are comfortable, but we meet also, and very thoroughly, to the fastener you are going to use to carry out our training. Need the best bra for exercising.

Many women leave this garment more “on side” since it is not so in sight, without being aware that it is, but the mayor, a which has more importance within our sport clothing.

And it is that there are not few mammary lesions that we can suffer for not having the required clamping for the practice that we are going to carry out. For example, the natural fit that has the chest, is made up only of a series of ligaments and the overlying skin, therefore having no muscle, without the proper clamping, these ligaments may become stretched.

But none of this has that pass on the following advice which then I indicated to choose the sports bra that complies with each of you according to your face, needs and sport that you enjoy. And get so with the best bra for exercising.

On the other hand, there is a whole universe of fasteners and “tops” for sport that nothing they have to hide, and that can use without more, as if it were a sports Jersey. To match our Maya, shorts, sports or any other plug-in that we use!

Thus, and combining both ends, here you have a guide to quickly and easily so that you can, on the one hand, know what kind of bra and size is that suits you, and by other proposals of models more fashion and defendants! I hope you enjoy it!

When choosing the right bra for our sport, the first thing we have to do, is go to the model that best suits based on that activity. Since our needs, will not be the same if we practice “running” or are more walking, swimming or skating for example. And these activities vary and have their common point of dispute in the impact.

Sports Bras are divided into high, medium and low impact. Being thus included in the first group those suitable for sports such as running or aerobics, in the second, walking, cycling or skating, and within the third those optimal for practice pilates, yoga, or go to the gym.

Once we have determined the level of impact that our breast is undergoing on the basis of this classification in respect of the activity that we practice, we should focus on the type of attachment. This type of fasteners, can hold from two different forms, by compression and gathering.

Compression, means, one that holds moms against the ribcage thus limiting his movement. While gathering, means one who collects and wraps each of them separately. The perfect bra, would combine both types, but if this is not possible and we opt for one single, the first one will be best for those breasts reduced while the second will be entirely adequate for those of more generous bust.

Here you have some photos of the two types of BRA: meditation (1) and compression (2)

Other, not less important, to take into account are:

– Elastic bottom: adjust enough but without tightening, much more bandwidth is greater clamping will give us. If we notice that go up on the hand back speakhome choose one smaller size, and if it does from the front, a drink more.

– Straps: must be of greater width as greater also the size of our chest, since greater surface area more weight will be distributed and will be more comfortable thus us. We can also take into account those whose length we regulate since this will also help us to better sustain.

– Closure: most of them have it in square brackets, which allow us to fit more or less according to our need, but there are also zipper, or those who have it in the front to provide an extra to those with more chest help.

– Tissue: most come without seams or with them flat to avoid injuries, if not so must take this into account and care to avoid future inconveniences. It is also essential within the tissue, the composition of the same, this should be breathable and fibers that help expel exterior heat and sweat so it dries fast and without soaking, and so that, at low temperatures or if exercise is abroad, we contribute not cold.

– Cup: will have to flee from those who wear metal rings since the friction can cause damage.

– And finally, and not a lot less, minor, carving. I recognize that something is arduous the task of hitting with accurate bra size which we must take, much more for sport clips as it is the case that concerns us, we must not use or choose from which they have to daily, since needs are radically different, this will be our first mistake. To avoid mistakes when choosing the size, these are the key points that we must follow:

1 we must measure our contour under breast ensuring that metro is snug but not too tight. The resulting measure add 12 and round up to the next whole number to not have decimal, as well If our measure is 79, 6 more 12 would get 91.6, that we redondearíamos to 92. That would be your bra size.

2 – we will measure in the same way this time, by the most voluminous of the breast part, also rounded up to the next whole number, without adding any other number in this case.

3 we will subtract the first number to the second, and this difference will indicate the Cup, thus:

Difference of 1 our Cup will be A
Difference of 2 our Cup will be the B
Difference of 3 our Cup will be the C
Difference of 4 our Cup will be the D
Difference of 5 our Cup will be DD

Even so, most importantly, feel comfortable, so, to make a success of the 100% we shall try us and move us with it, similar as possible to the movements we do during our exercise and check that everything is going well.

And here I show you some of the most original, colorful and different brands, I hope to help you find your perfect bra.

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