How to Buy a Thermos

Depending on the material from which is made ​​flask thermos divided glass – teploagenta storage bulb made ​​of glass. Hardware – the bulb is made ​​of metal (for the most part is the same stainless iron). And plastic (plastic) bulb is made ​​of food (not always the way) plastic.

The older generation remembers the kind words scarce during the Soviet era Chinese thermos with a glass bulb. Buy a thermos with a glass bulb is still in some places is possible, but with the search for a new bulb is better not to waste time. And the glass bulb, it is not a secret, is very unstable and shaking damage than metal or plastic.

Separately on plastic flasks. They are used mainly in Chinese thermos mass production. The inner surface of the bulb has a mirror coating, which makes this product quite good heat resistant criteria. There is one advantage – low prices. And two significant drawbacks. Durability – it is absolutely not about plastic flasks. Different levels and different heating value of thermal expansion of matter lead to the formation of numerous cracks on the surface of the mirror sputtering. The great danger – a mirror spraying microparticles, flaking, can get into teploagent and with him in the human body. Just substances secreted by the heated plastic, it can enter the body and cause poisoning. Some plastics are carcinogenic. Conclusion – as a disposable container preservation temperature for technological needs (warm missed first trimester lock in the car, wash your hands in the cold, etc.) – better than you can imagine. In other cases, their use is contraindicated.

Before you rush to the store to buy a top rated thermos flask, respond to the following questions:

  1. For what types of recreation you need a thermos, and the easiest way to estimate the time of rest. The longer you’re on a trip or outing, the more you need a thermos. From thermos volume depends on how long it will store the heat. The greater the volume of the thermos, the longer the contents will be hot. However, compromise is necessary: ​​if you take a thermos for food, then take just such a volume of a thermos, how much will eat food. You can not take a large amount of a thermos and fill it not completely – the food has cooled due to the presence of air. The entire volume is necessary to fill a thermos food, then the food will be longer hot. The temperature of food depends on its consistency. Liquid food stores heat longer than cereal or pasta. Therefore, fill the volume so that the air remains as small as possible, for example, use gravy with pasta
  2. What exactly do we need a thermos? For drinks or food? If you drink, it makes no sense to take a thermos with a wide neck. For tea, coffee, thermos must have a narrow neck, t. K. A narrow throat through less heat will go. Wide throat thermoses for food. In such heat thermos holds less than those with a narrow neck. Although, even in half-liter thermos for food, the cold, the hot meal is in the morning and before dinner.
  3. Next, you should decide the size of your luggage. It is understood that the machine one luggage and riding a bike – another. Note that depending on your capabilities from large thermos volumes have to be abandoned in favor of compactness.
  4. But the last question – is the price. Now Chinese goods (all well aware that thermoses almost all foreign companies are made ​​in China) have flooded all the shelves. However, domestic thermos in no way inferior to them and outperform, while being all-only 100-200 rubles more expensive, which is also beneficial distinguishes them from other foreign firms.