How Many Times Your Tweets Have Been Seen? This Page Shows

You know how many followers have and depending on the shortener to use, also knows how many clicks your links had. But how often your last tweet was seen? The Twitter was testing one views counter the iOS app, but it does not come so far. Fortunately, you can find this information elsewhere, just visit this page of Twitter ads.

The page shows a graph of the views of your tweets in the last 28 days, and information such as the number of engagements, retweets, replies and tanned. It is a very similar tool with Insights, which shows the page engagement data Facebook. The Twitter tool is not new, but rather displayed only information of sponsored tweets; Now, the data have been extended to any tweet.

By “impressions” understand the number of times your tweet was seen on the web, in TweetDeck and the official application for Android and iOS (third-party customers as well as the version for Windows Phone, are left out). “Engagement” is any kind of action with his tweet: if someone likes, retweet, reply, or even expand the tweet to see a picture, it will count as an engagement.

You can click on any tweet to view additional information such as a graph showing the number of impressions in the first 30 hours or the number of times that the tweet link was clicked. And exploring a bit, can you find out the location, sex and interests of people who follow you.

Officially, the page should be accessible only to verified users, advertisers, or for anyone who uses the Twitter Cards, but strangely it was possible to view the data from my account, but I do not fit me in any of the three conditions – the same happened with Felipe Ventura, the Gizmodo Brazil . If you could not access, try to follow this tip and wait a few hours (after, tell us if it worked).