How Long Does It Take for the Birth?

The time of birth is different from woman to woman. It also plays a role if the mother takes her first child to the world or has already born children.

When mothers talk, you can hear how stories: I had 48 hours contractions until my child was finally on the world. If the attending midwife through the same birth would tell you, you would probably hear that it was a normal birth and the baby in the world came after 8 hours.

Time of midwives and doctors

But where does this extremely different time? A birth announces itself with different signs. It can be a painful Vorwehen.

With them, the body is preparing for the upcoming birth. These so-called Braxton-Hicks contractions are varying degrees and occur differently long and irregular. They do not affect but on the cervix.

In contrast, birth pangs are longer, occur on a regular basis and are also more painful than Vorwehen. Birth pangs are also frequent with time, they last longer and their intensity increases. To find out what kind of woe you have midwives recommend taking a warm bath. Click Cancermatters for how to measure maternity belly.

The contractions are weaker or they even fade away, then it’s only Vorwehen. The contractions in the warm bath water is running rampant and occur regularly, there are birth pangs.

Midwives and doctors begin the period only to count if you are regularly experiencing contractions and effectively open the cervix. Until then, but a few hours of contractions can be passed, were not yet effective to cervix. Therefore, have the most her much longer feel to be in the middle of the birth and come on significantly higher times.

Average duration of a birth

As a rule of thumb, you can count that opens the cervix with a normal birth and a good uterine contractions on average by one centimeter per hour. The cervix at ten centimeters is fully opened. In practice it happens but very often at birth that precedes the opening not as evenly, but shows a quite specific dynamics and still a complication-free and perfectly normal birth takes place.

Until the baby is then on the world, a woman who brings a baby to the world for the first time requires about 10 hours. At Mehrgebärenden, the birth can be done even after four hours.

At the beginning of birth, it is important to take time to adapt to the situation slowly. At the first Vorwehen, you should go just as postpone not yet in the clinic. Studies show that the use of labor – and painkillers increase when women are recorded with an unripe cervix. To go is the right time to postpone in the clinic, if the contractions a minute or longer, are clearly noticeable and come for an hour every five minutes.