How Do Contractions Feel Like?

Of course, women who want to stand before her first birth know what to expect. In the interview with mothers, you will then also on the topic of labor pain and how to feel contractions at birth. But the pain is very unique from person to person. And it is also in the throes of pain.

Generations of mothers have tried to describe the labor pain but how does one describe something that is completely customizable? Some say that the pains like big waves are flooding through the body or as if a large belt around the abdomen is drawn ever tighter.

Others describe that labor more or less resemble the rule pain at the beginning. This may be a clue for the one or the other woman. But what if a woman never had rule complaints? A further description: a pull in the sacrum area, the inguinal Canal or in the thighs.

These sensations derive from the fact that the uterus by a braid of tendons and ligaments is held and worn. The uterus contracted is a train is exerted on these ligaments and tendons. This transfers up to the starting points of the ligaments and tendons to the bones, and also affects the muscles.

Most clearly, the expectant mother wearing pregnant cardigans can locate the contractions at the end of the opening phase and describe. At this time the entire belly is hardened at their highest point to feel – the best contraction of the uterus. But again: the pain threshold and pain tolerance is very different from woman to woman – a general statement about the violence is therefore not possible.

Another point is today less tolerant of pain in our society. If unfortunately or at the dentist sitting headaches, anyone who has pain or pain threatening whom, takes or receives a stunning. This applies also in relation to the birth.

Some expectant mother has concerns that she doesn’t get with, when we come to it. The mothers describe this: when the baby comes, then the abdominal pressure (contraction of the abdominal muscles) is taken by reflex to help and then there’s no stopping. The urge to push the baby out is so powerful that every mother love to will to!

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