House: 7 New Trends for Furniture

With the arrival of summer you will feel the desire to renew the house with a lively and colorful touch, but, like every year, trends change. Here are 7 new 2016 summer to decorate the house.

Ideas to decorate the house in summer

1 A thousand colors

The watchword of home decor for summer 2016 is color. vibrant shades, bright colors, exotic and precious materials texture, in an eclectic mix from the buzzing and lively tone.

2 Natural materials

Natural materials will be the favorites for the furniture and compliments such as rattan, bamboo and wood. The marble will customize tables, kitchen tops and items with its own unique charm.

3 Minerals

The minerals will be among the protagonists of home decor and 2016. Items of daily use decorations are made of quartz or pyrite, dishwashing, raisings, paperweight.

4 Materials from matte finishes

The materials from matte, rust effect, frosted glass and opaque enamels dominate the summer, carrying in the interior the industrial chic mood.

5 fabrics folk decor

Embroidery, crochet and lace, will customize deliciously pillows, blankets and curtains, giving the interior a vaguely retro and bohemian touch.

6 Traditional decoration

Classical furnishings back in fashion – even for this fall – so you can choose a beautiful antique wooden table, surrounded by upholstered chairs with fabric and designer armchairs. Also consider the ideas of using handmade wall clocks.

7 The colors of furniture

The shades in vogue for the summer will be the green oil, navy blue and shades of pink, from powder to fishing.