Hormones Affect the Birth

The body of a woman distributes the appropriate hormones at every stage of the birth. This makes the birth for many women a unique “trip”. And the best: hormones also ensure that the birth pain in the memory fade.

Some women tell us that they felt during the birth as “on another planet” or so indescribable happiness had said they believed to dream. That may be true at a birth, because during the birth of the nature uses effective means which help to deal with the pain. And this is important, because a person is in an absolute State of exception, produced the body of stress hormones such as, for example, endorphins. Endorphins are endogenous morphine, so natural pain and narcotics.

Hormones as a natural pain reliever

Endorphins are not only paid out if you feel pain, but even if you have a very positive experience with maternity wear. Both meets each other at birth: the woman is in a State of emergency, which is a very positive experience. Therefore, many endorphins are secreted in a natural birth. These stress hormones belong to the Group of natural opiates. In particular, if women feel in good hands and supported, the brain produces much endorphin and thus reduces the pain of birth.

The hormone also ensures that the pregnant woman with her body and her baby cooperates and moves it intuitively right in the birth and breathes. Also during the contractions break endorphins, that can help the laboring better relax and recover something.

Adrenaline and noradrenaline, also stress hormones, speed up the heart rate and increase muscle tension in the people, if he is greatly disturbed. With the distribution of these hormones can be also explained why after the first great excitement about the beginning of birth, arriving at the hospital in some cases the pains once stay out. The woman through hormones, relaxes and feels safe – the alert in the body takes something off and hence the uterine contractions.

The course of the birth control hormones

Usually the labour place after some time back. At the end of the birth process, energizes a natural increase in this hormone cocktails of the mother then, to squeeze out the baby and makes wide awake for the first encounter with her newborn.

At the same time, the hormones prostaglandin and oxytocin in the control and the time sequence of the uterine contractions play an essential role during labor and birth. While the prostaglandins do soft and ready for labor, the cervix, the cervix, the oxytocin ultimately raises the uterine contractions. Oxytocin is known as binding hormone identifies and promotes the binding, enter the mother and child from the first moment.

Oxytocin is also supportive important when it comes to the formation of endorphins and makes sure that there are enough endorphins in the body of the mother and the mother therefore better can bear the birth pain. But oxytocin can do even more: it ensures the orgasm, promotes the degeneration of the uterus after birth and for the flow of breast milk in breast-feeding.

Hormones are the real directors of a birth – control the entire course of the birth, provide a good bonding, and even manage to wipe out the memories of the pain of childbirth from the brain of most mothers.