Hooray for Water Aerobics

Water aerobics can but do not replace the birth preparation courses, but very usefully complement.
Courses for couples, where half an hour can dive together with your partner for a relaxing especially fun. By the way, you can learn a whole lot, what makes easier the birth.

Water aerobics courses are increasingly offered to lucky and include increasingly sophisticated exercises that should – make the later birth easier and can. Without a particular exercise, it is a wonderful feeling, “losing all of a sudden more than 50% of its weight” – in contrast to the “shore leave”, the one Yes now truly not more lightly played with progressive pregnancy.

In the warm water loosens the muscles, relieves joints and intervertebral discs, back pain goes away quickly. Due to the water pressure, the movements seem like a massage on skin and vessels. Support the blood circulation and the circulation stimulated – gets more oxygen into the blood and the baby making. The uterus (as a muscle that yes she is) is – as well as the pelvic floor – softer. As a result, the baby gets more space. And all of that without much effort. Also tension in the neck and the shoulders are no longer felt.

The exercises themselves incomparably less than the normal “dry gymnastics” straining ligaments and joints – promote the mobility but at least just as good. Combinations of breathing and diving exercises provide an breathing technique optimum for the birth playful and “by the way”. In particular: the conscious, controlled breath, which can make the contractions more bearable. For women who would rather scary face the water and at the word prefer make a U-turn “dive” by nature, an Aqua gym classes is even double advantage. Experience from previous courses shows consistently that also initially frightened women in the group very soon gain confidence in themselves – to her body and her breathing. This new-found confidence is a very, very valuable, because it can greatly facilitate the birth. Find maternity swimwear from Ehistorylib.

Until four weeks before the birth, it is then better to pause, so no germs can enter the birth path.

Of course, there are qualitative differences from course to course. Courses in which a Schwimmmeisterin or a swimming champion confined to a few items such as floating boards, etc., are certainly less valuable than courses that are lead by a midwife and are consistently birth like designed. But most of the courses offered have the options to participate in the test, you should make use of it. Pay attention to the following points:

  • The water should be warmer than it usually is in indoor and leisure baths – about 30 ° c are better 33-34 ° C, because the body at this temperature can relax better and does not cool off even at slow exercises.
  • Pressure must be no. Every woman itself can determine which exercise would like to join them, how long she want to submerge for a breathing exercise (example: participants stand in the circle, hold hands, exhale, go slowly in the squat and hiding). It must be every woman left also in the group, to listen to find out what you do well and relaxes (eventually she wears this decision at birth so alone) on its interior.
  • The number of participants should not be too high. 10 – maximum 12 people are OK – otherwise no longer sufficient time to deal with each individual participant is the teacher.
  • The pulse – better blood pressure – from the teacher must be checked at regular intervals.
  • Slow and fast exercises should follow each other in a way that is fun – and makes it easy. Always phases of relaxation should follow on phases of the load.

The water sport does very well even the baby. On the one hand, because they are double-shielded in this time against noise and vibrations lute, on the other hand, because they participate intensively on Mommy’s well-being. Many babies are active, take advantage of the unexpected new space in a relaxed uterus and begin to struggle.

If you find no courses in your area or group courses are not your thing, then you swim on your own go – let the wonderful relaxation, which provides the water, not to be missed.