Home Pregnancy Test

When the desire to be a mother is great we are able to do whatever it takes to get pregnant and to find out if we’re pregnant. The woman with the biological clock in alta is a veritable encyclopedia of myths, tips and tricks to achieve the objective of your homemade main that is pregnant.

The best way to get pregnant is to have medical follow-up, follow all the directions and do all the tests, then you need to train a lot.

5 Homemade pregnancy tests

Although the main sign or symptom that you are pregnant be the delay in menstruation, the truth is that most women feel long before some changes in the body as nausea, breast tenderness, sleep and changes in smell.

Sometimes the desire to find out if you’re really pregnant is such that recomemos a few homemade tests to take. The effectiveness of these tests is unreliable and it is important to confirm the pregnancy or not through blood tests, urine or echo.

Urine test

Place the urine in an aluminum container and bring to the boil, if the chichi boil milk and form until Apple is because you’re pregnant, if only do bubbles as water is not pregnant.

Chlorine test

Put urine in a container without lid, pour some chlorine, if the liquid be darker is pregnant, if match is not pregnant.

Needle test

Is one of oldest and most often used by our mothers and grandmothers. Before sleep pee in a glass jar with lid, put a needle into the vial and close very well, after 8 hours (so it’s advisable to do before sleep) look for the liquid if it was darker, congratulations you’re pregnant if it was equal, then try again.

Test of toothpaste

This test is quite simple and inexpensive, throw urine in a jar and add toothpaste, has to be white paste. Leave to act for a few minutes if the sample change for the blue color can be pregnant.

Home pregnancy test of Pharmacy

Based on historyaah.com, the homemade pregnancy test that you buy at the pharmacy is very simple and practical to evaluate a possible pregnancies, it works with the beta HCG hormone that is only present in our body during pregnancy.

The test can be done from the first day of menstrual delay, there’s many brands, so it is important that you read the instructions because vary slightly from brand to brand. These tests are fairly reliable, but can give false results, it is always recommended to repeat and confirm the possible pregnancy with a blood test.