HMB Bodybuilding Workout

Beta-hydroxy-beta-metylbutyrat is a bio-active metabolite that is formed by the decomposition of the grenkedjiga essential amino acid Leucine. It is believed that HMB reduces protein loss during exercise by inhibiting the protein catabolism. By increasing the concentration of HMB blood, body on the assumption that there are enough Leucine are present. This will halt muscle breakdown and stimulate muscle growth. There are indications that HMB is an effective supplement for bodybuilders. To start using a supplement, should an athlete/coach makes the following considerations:

  • A supplement must be safe and not harmful to health
  • Lawful means
  • The agent must be effective

HMB is working with animals?

Rats and chickens given HMB and subjected to a kind of strength training program decreased protein degradation and increased protein synthesis. NET HMB caused so these animals for muscle building.

HMB and the effect on fat loss

In in vitro tests on the muscle tissue from humans increased fat loss. Depending on the amount of HMB in the diet, the human body between 0.3 and 1.0 g of HMB in the breakdown of Leucine. HMB during training periods in preparation to reduce muscle damage and muscle breakdown.

HMB creates more muscle growth, muscle mass and muscle strength in untrained men

In studies where young untrained men receiving HMB, some studies really showed a strong positive effect on muscle growth and strength. Use of HMB in combination with strength training so see more muscle strength, muscle growth and muscle mass compared to not to use HMB. While other studies do not show a positive effect.
Remarkable here is that there is no clear dose-response effect can be seen. This means that more use HMB is not better. I showed a positive effect of HMB studies, the optimal dose about 3 g/day. Thus, it is unclear whether HMB was used.

HMB song levels of IGF-1 and growth hormone and boost hormone inhibits myostatin

With experienced bodybuilders HMB showing levels of anabolic hormones IGF-1 and growth hormone. The hormone levels of IGF-1 increases with use of HMB by about 30%. The hormone growth hormone increases by more than 50% through the use of HMB. To achieve these hormone levels, is one gram of HMB to be used for a flat heavy force.
In addition to HMB to increase anabolic hormone IGF-1 and growth hormone causes, HMB results in a reduction of muscle myostatin-inhibiting hormone. HMB appears to have strong anabolic properties.

HMB is harmful?

In the studies that have been done have no adverse effects were observed in liver function, blood lipid profile, renal function, and the immune system. It should be noted, however, that the studies never lasted longer than eight weeks. For long-term studies to be seen or HMB has harmful effects on health.Use HMB never longer than 8 consecutive weeks. Also on the website of nvzt if the extension is completely clean. If the product is available on the website, the manufacturer has tested the extension and the product is completely clean.