Here is The Jacket

Have I not told that it comes?

And on Black Friday was also ready.
The jacket was down set. It was reduced. There was on offer. The thing was cheaper BB´s.

Of course I did too then also. I ordered them-the jacket.
What for a jacket, the question is now the inclined reader. It is the jacket to the pants, which I’ve ever been here . There I also promised that I, once I have it, will introduce the jacket. I bought it at Mensjacketsstore. There I buy more often. I am quite satisfied with the shop. There is still the one or the other shop where I order. I button me up there so slowly, try and test. Fit the things to me and my style, the shop is as comfortable and as handled the shipping and the return? Well, I try all these things. And when I’m satisfied, then I buy there more often.

But back to the jacket and the pants, because now it is finally a trouser suit.

I like the jacket. It has two pockets, front closes with two buttons and can with tie belt or be worn without. I like this open worn best. I dont here two different blouses under it. I already have the blouses and as is my way I had bought them on sale at Studio untold.

Here are a few, some wenige…ok, so very many pictures

I know to what opportunity I’ll put the suit. I am on it. Usually I’m not so chic walking around, but I do know my best.

What attracts you in the Office? Write it once in the comment, that would be very happy.