Here Comes the New Facebook Photo Gallery

The Facebook today announced that the new photo gallery should arrive very soon. In fact, some users already have, while others have to wait a little while the news is released slowly for more than 900 million fools who give their bisque information to the master Mark Zuckerberg.

You see in the picture above, sent via Facebook by a reader, the social network bet on the Mosaic to display the images. A grid contains all the images whose thumbnails are generated in order to present what is most interesting in the composition – or use the technique of cut and show what is in the center.

Walk your mouse cursor through the thumbnails causes the number of Likes and comments appear, and the “title” photo. Facebook explains that the user will have the option to schedule the photo as highlighting it occupy four miniature space.

Also announced a new viewing photo albums. It was more like the concept of Timeline opened almost a year ago: information organized chronologically, each with its importance in the web surfer’s life history. The display in Timeline displays the album title, the date and the comment that the person did, as if it were an event.

Sagacious readers probably noticed that the new interface is very reminiscent of the pictures (a lot!) To which Google uses for Google+, also with photos that are cut alone to make it fit in harmonically screen. Well, the social network Zuck said that in the future may implement features that first appeared on other sites, including competitors.