Hats and Berets: Tips

With the advent of the coldest season of the year, nothing more elegant than use berets and hats to complete your look. However, many people have doubts about how to use them, because they are really difficult to make combinations. While that may make more fashion, the misuse of these accessories compromises the entire production. Check out some tips that will help those who do not want to make a mistake in choosing the best way to keep your ears and head warm, and still hit in a look full of style and elegance.

The berets are versatile

We know that the Brazilians don’t have the habit of using berets to complete your look, during the winter. Although we live in a tropical country, they can be very useful in the colder days of the year, would help maintain body temperature, as well as provide a visual charming and full of attitude. The interesting of the berets is that they are very versatile and can be used in both formal and informal situations and in different proposals of looks.

Changing the visual male

Men also can and should make more use of berets; However, before making the choice, you need to take some care. Depending on the combination, the beret can end up providing a visual aged and, therefore, the secret is to use pieces that follow a line right jovial, as, for example, jeans and leather jacket. Another tip is to choose to suit or vests, which give a more formal aspect.

Visual romantic

When women use the berets to complement the visual, end up getting a touch of sweetness and innocence. That’s why this accessory is a great option for those who want to assemble a romantic look. However, nothing prevents your use in most basic productions, like the classic combination of jeans with a t-shirt and jacket, which ends up getting an “up” through the integration of a hat full of style.

Hats are more informal

Fashion experts claim that, for men, the caps tend to be more informal than the so popular hats. Are excellent in casual productions with jeans, all star and jacket.

For women, the caps work similarly to berets, serving to provide a more romantic or rocker, to the visual. Everything will depend on the left’s look. A hint to get away from the traditional, is to opt for Hat colors that look prettier, as red, white, blue and gray.

Gracing the DKS 2012

The berets and caps are accessories made to be used in the winter, however, nothing prevents your use in warmer times of the year, taking into account the material of your confection. This proposal could be seen during the parade of Colcci SPFW, in 2012, where models paraded with more detached and light berets, completing the look.

In this way, with the arrival of winter, a great option to let the more elegant and at the same time, more “warm” are the berets and caps. After giving some tips on how to use these cool accessories, worth purchasing some parts for that part of the wardrobe for the colder days.