Handbags for Beach

Are you sure that beach or pool environments allow a more hip and comfortable. But why not give it a modern twist and feminine to look used in the days of water and Sun? An alternative beyond charming are the different types of scholarship available on the market for this purpose. The accessory is an indispensable item on these occasions and the first rule is that it is great, since we need to load comb, guards, sunscreen, cover up, glasses, hair and body creams, and many other articles that don’t just run out. After all, the moments of rest should not set aside the concern about the health of the hair and beauty of our skin.

Formerly, these bags came always in very similar molds and almost never with anything new. Currently, this scenario comes changing and many versions have been produced in the market of swimwear. A model that falls very well for days like these are the bags produced with artisan techniques. Besides being stylish, pieces that carry this face that were handmade bring with a footprint more hippie and therefore feel lighter and production for good. In addition to never out of fashion, these models can be easily combined with bikinis and beach. Good options in this regard are the bags made in crochet or straw.

Another model shown to get some Sun this weekend are the transparent bags. They were seen being used by several celebrities in Brazil and in the world in its moments of fun and relaxation. They usually appear in bold colors and shades of neon, like pink or green. In shop Windows and shelves of diverse brands they also come with the additive of applications, such as spikes and studs, large pockets and other differentials. The only caveat is be careful in time to take her to the beach or the pool, since it lets other people see what’s inside. A good option is to use it with the aid of a smaller bag within to preserve objects of greater importance as a wallet, cell phone and documents.

After some international brands present their clothes in neoprene in the hottest fashion weeks, the wave caught on around the world and many people joined the unusual trend. In Brazil, the garments made from synthetic rubber did not win as much strength as the accessories that have been produced with the same material. An example are the bags more than taken off that can already be found in use on the beaches and exposed in several stores in the country. Very charming, they are practical, since the neoprene allows for easy cleaning, assisting thereby in time to keep the sand and other little dirt that accumulate during the day.

Scholarships in cotton, natural fibres and floral prints also tend to work well with beach looks. Now, an important Tip: parts produced in leather should never be used for this purpose. This is because, besides damaging the material, the Sun and the heat always combine with lighter fabrics.