Handbag Too Heavy

Download “life” in the stock market is normal practice for many women. Cell phone, keys, makeup bag, a jacket, umbrella, that paperwork that comes out of nowhere, wallet … and so on. But did you know that, depending on the weight or even the way you carry, the it-bag can damage your spine?

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The annoyances can vary from woman to woman, and range from a simple hooked up to more severe damage, such as Herniated discs. Injuries like chronic tendonitis in the shoulders and elbows, compression of nerves, osteoarthritis in the spine and hip, scoliosis and kyphosis can also develop, how do you explain the orthopedic surgeon Artur da Fonseca.

—the treatments vary from case to case, but the first step is to remove the cause of the problem, namely, removing the excess weight of the bag. Global Postural reeducation (RPG) and physiotherapy helps ease the injury. In some cases of no improvement in pain, surgery is the next step —explains the expert.

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Time to clean the bag!

It may seem silly, but eliminate what is not as needed as well in your day to day will help you avoid problems. In addition to saving time – after all, who’s never been a long time looking for the key to get into the House because he had a lot of stuff in your purse? -you still significantly reduces the weight that carries every day out there.

See what you actually use every day and that can include eventually. The Cardigan can stay in a drawer at work? And the umbrella? Will you need a choice of three lipsticks in nécessaire? It is worth repeating the process at least once a week to take away what you don’t need.

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Beware also the bag that you use. The orthopedist’s recommendation are the bags in the style “mailman” (as in the picture below!), that have that cross strap. If you prefer another type, the trick is to rotate the shoulder side in time to load the attachment.

—Another rule is to not let the bag exceed the weight of 10% of body weight–teaches the doctor.

That is, if you weigh 50 pounds, don’t even think about charging more than 5 pounds on the shoulder, see? To be vigilant. Read more articles on this topic at handbagpicks.com.