H20 audio iPod Nano

H20 Audio specialize in Accessories for it that is both sporty and gadget geek. Their Amphibx Fit is a bracelet for, among other things, the Ipod Nano.

In recent times, there have appeared some watches with features which are adjacent to that found in smartphones. But several months ago released latest Ipod Nano actually is perfect as a small clock on the wrist. With a sportarmband from H20 Audio gadget becomes even waterproof.

Amphibx Fit for nano has a protective plastic pouch in which to attach the device. In addition to the Ipod Nano, there are also Ipod Shuffle and other mp3 players that don’t take up too much space, according to howsmb. The plastic cover should be compatible with touchskärmen on Ipod Nano, so you should be able to control it even if it is below the surface of the water.

In the press release speaks for itself if the H20 Audio Amphibx Fit warm. We think it sounds like a great idea, but don’t necessarily believe that it is the best thing that has happened since sliced bread.

If you are interested and think the Amphibx Fit sounds like thing for you, you can surf on the website here. Sportarmbandet costs just over £ 500.