H & M Offers a New Perspective for Your Collection Lookbook Autumn-Winter 2010 / 2011

And this time he does it in the form of video. Although we already showed you a small preview of the collection, I know that you’ve been wanting more and as it seems that new technologies increasingly move faster in the world of fashion. Photographs are always the benchmark to show developments in the shops even more practical and comfortable for all the audiovisual material, because we not only have a real and evident proof of as there are items put on the models, but it also seem like gains in credibility.

For this reason H & M It has decided to take in format video, a preview of his collection Autumn-winter 2010 / 2011 with some of the most significant items in their collection and those that we can discern which will be the guidelines of the creative line of which I have spoken so far but that can finally see really as they are placed.

As we can see there are quite a few knitted garments, Maxi-sizes in clothes of coat and accessories (we do not fight maxi-scarves), varied colors: grey, marengos, green beiges and Browns and variety also in the cuts of clothes: from the carved with symmetrical designs, up to the total absence of patterns in putting together turn it.

Pants I been curious as most of them tend to be Open, type knickers that they do not clash nothing when it comes to putting together with tailored shirts, jackets or trench (which I imagine that you have also seen that they are fairly large and some with Double buttoning).

Footwear is one enough military aesthetics, with boots, dark colors and toe reinforced as a good commercial firm that prides itself on being, offers more variety of footwear: boots, sneakers and even water, although all of them with very elegant styles (rare in it)

But better yourself in the video you have prepared for us.