Gym Exercises Schedule for Beginners

If you want to start in a gym with fitness and strength, but you have no idea where to begin and where to look for?This training will give you an idea of what the basic exercises you can start, how these exercises should be performed and which muscle groups are being addressed by the exercises. It also provides explanations about the settings of the machines. So can a good start with fitness and reduce the risk of injuries. We have chosen nine exercises with machines that can be found in every gym! In a basic system, it is common to the selected machines because the exercises are thus the easiest to work with a well controlled motion path. When these exercises are performed well, this is usually after six to eight weeks, there may be more to solve exercises with dumbbells for example included in the system.

The goal is to make the system of 2?? Three times a week to play with between training days at least one day of rest. With any exercise that can be performed for three sets consisting of eight?? 12 repetitions with approximately 45 seconds rest between sets. In addition, it is recommended to work out for a warm up 10 minutes on the Cross Trainer or rowing machine to run at 65% of the theoretical maximum heart rate * 65%). This will burn fat and warm up muscles, prevent injuries. Breathing is also important for strength, try to blast away at the set power and breathe in the manufacture of the downward movement.
To get back on the nine basic exercises, are the following units here of course:

  • 1. Leg press
  • 2. Leg Extension
  • 3. Leg curl
  • 4. the Seated row
  • 5. lower back extension
  • 6. Sidopulldown
  • 7. chest press
  • 8. Shoulder press
  • 9. Abdominal crunch

In the implementation, it is advisable to stick to the above order in this way is a lot of work for smaller muscle groups. Hereby the remark that no machine is exactly the same and that the explanations of the exercises as a rough guideline to use. If there are ambiguities asks if possible as a trainer.

1. Leg press

At the leg press leg muscles are trained. When you set the device to the feet placed in shoulder width.The legs have an angle of less than 90 ° is placed against the device. In this way, you can make an angle of 90 ° during the execution of the exercise. Make the angle much less than 90 ° are not advisable, this leads to a great deal of strain on the knees. The handles on the device to be seized before execution begins. Pushing of the weight should be made until the legs are almost straight, in this way, there is still tension in the leg muscles. In return the lower legs is to form an angle of 90 °.

2. Leg Extension

At the leg extension leg muscles are trained and particularly the quadriceps or front of your thighs.First is allowed before you get the role? ?? that will be added to the bottom are positioned against your ankles. When you have taken the back seat can be adjusted so that the knee is right on the turn point for the device. Then the roll is placed in order to achieve the greatest possible range of motion. At this point the Setup is correct and should the movement with your ankles to the role? ?? is done. This means that the role? ?? be brought up until the lower legs almost at an angle of 180 ° is with the upper legs. Then you can leave the weight back down again to the lower and upper legs forms an angle of less than 90 °.

3. Leg curl

When the leg curl leg muscles are trained and then especially the hamstrings or the back of the thighs.Of the nine basic exercises is to set the leg extension is the most complicated. First, you can roll??? which will be placed just above the Achilles tendons are facing in. When the backrest can be so surprised that your knee is right on the turn point for the device. Take the role? ?? be adjusted to the correct height, it must be situated just above the Achilles tendon. Then the roll is brought up to realize as much as possible the range of motion. At this point the Setup is correct and should the role? ?? brought down until the lower legs at an angle of more than 90 ° with the upper legs.

4. the Seated row

When seated row, back muscles are the primary and secondary trained armbuigers. Then the height of the seat must be set up correctly, which means that the breast bone at the same height as the top of the chest plate should be placed. The exact height varies depending on the machine. You can then take hold of the handles, when they only have come with your fingertips, is the proper setting. The handles can then be withdrawn until hands are along the sides. Then you can get back your hands back until your arms are straight. If all goes well beat the weights you lift up each other not to.

5. lower back extension

On the lower back extension back muscles are trained and especially the lower back. When setting up the device, account must be taken of the position of the feet are positioned, this should be changed to leg length. The machine has a role?? ?? to be placed towards the top of the back. At the outset, it is appropriate to place your hands on top of his chest. Take the role? ?? sales at the back. How far the role? ?? return shall be brought depends on the options you have. The optimal situation occurs when the upper body forms an angle of 90 ° with the lower body. In the implementation, it is important to keep good buttocks while moving against the backrest, to express it by force from the legs.

6. Sidopulldown

At the lateral pull down the back muscles are the primary and secondary trained armbuigers. When setting up the appliance, its height is adjusted so that the handles from the sitting position can only be surrounded by your fingertips. When the handles are enclosed to be provided then the weight with the help of easy start, when the machine has this opportunity. You can then move down the handles to ear level. When the weight is reduced, you can return the easy start again immersed in sleep mode. When allows the increase of the weight of the arms can be extended. When the set is finished, you can gain back the weight with the help of easy starting down again.

7. Chest Press

At the chest press is primarily the chest muscles and secondary education arm puller. When you set the unit should the seat height is adjusted so that the handles are at nipple height or slightly above is for deportation. Weight shall then be ejected with the help of easy start, when the machine has this ability. Try to take care that you do not fully extend your arms in the exclusion. When dropping back of the weight that should be taken to ensure that the elbows to create a larger angle than 90 ° with the torso, but the upper arms is thus a line with your chest. When the set is finished, you can gain back the weight with the help of easy starting down again.

8. Shoulder press

When debt is mainly liabilities muscles and secondary education arm puller. When setting up the device, the height of the seat can be adjusted so that the handles are located at the liabilities height for ostracism. Extrusion of the weight until your arms are almost straight, so you can place your hands until they are located at ear level. Let your hands fall has no additional value for liabilities musculature. Your back should remain tight occurs during the implementation against the seat otherwise unnecessary pressure on your lower back, which can lead to damage.

9. Abdominal crunch

When the abdominal crunch abdominal muscles are trained. The place where the feet of the athlete to be applied must be adapted to the leg length. It may also be the case with some variations that you can just put your feet on the ground. The handles of this unit do not always have a fixed location, there are many variations in this machine. In the starting position, the hands are placed diagonally to this variant, on top of the chest. Then the weight should be produced, how much weight should be submitted, depending on the options you have. When the Song drop back upper body do not form an angle greater than 90 ° to make with the lower body. Abdominal exercises can actually receive a greater number of repetitions per set than the other muscle groups, think of 15?? 20 repetitions.
Hopefully, you benefit from the exercises and explanations, and you can start with a sure sense of strength! Many sports fun!