Google Will Launch Next Week The Patch That Fixes The Problem of The Volume of The Galaxy Nexus (Updated)

Last week we mentioned that Google had fixed the problem of volume with the Galaxy Nexus through an update, but in the end we saw that this patch had only appeared in the terminals of the developers, not in units that had been sold to consumers.

As any update would have to pass a test control which seems that it has already passed, since Google earlier this week sent Park to Assembly centers to update the Galaxy Nexus so they leave factory without problem.

Customers who bought the terminal will have to wait a little longer for fix the bug of the volume, Since Google has just confirmed that the update will be released next week via OTA, Although it is unknown if he is still version of Android 4.0.1 or will eventually be the 4.0.2 as it was rumored at the beginning.

The problem of volume making control variase randomly because GSM 900 MHz bandwidth seems finally it was just a software problem of a bad sensitivity calibration of the volume buttons, making that they are active with the radio signal of the GSM antenna. If anything it will watch to see if in future models of the Galaxy Nexus There are changes in the hardware.

* Update: * end update has been moved forward and * already available patch * to correct the problem of the volume. The update takes up 1MB and at the end remains version 4.0.1 from the compilation ITL41D to the ITL41F. The patch will arrive via OTA all handsets that were sold about two weeks ago. In principle all Galaxy Nexus sold from today will be installed this update from factory