Google Updates the View Gmail on the iPad

Despite all the friction in Apple and Google, the last remains dedicated to bringing the best experience for those who use their services in the first platforms. Monday was updated interface Gmail for whom access through the iPad. Nothing too revolutionary, but still a sign that the Mountain View company is committed to the best possible experience for its users, even if the rival platform.

The novelty is basically a new approach to the new message composition. Now, when you tap the new icon email, a panel with the new message appears in the middle of the screen, overlapping the other interface elements, who are grayed out in the background.

In this way the user can see better what you are writing and also get rid of the other elements that previously polluted the screen, even in this time become temporarily unnecessary.

Also it has been fixed a bug that prevented the user scroll through long messages. Inpost that announced the update, Craig Wilkinson, Google Software Engineer, thanked the members who sent feedback and so allowed the team to improve the interface.

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