Google Phone: Pros & Cons

The T-Mobile G1 is here-and in testing through the top tech journalists from the United States, especially the comparison is with the main competitors in the Center.The Google phone cuts off it very well.

US experts such as Walter S. Mossberg (Wall Street Journal) and David Pogue (New York Times) got the G1 in the finger during yesterday’s press conference by T-Mobile USA and could get a first impression of the phone.

Google phone-the strengths
Functions, which are sorely missed by the critics for the Apple iPhone or just too short coming are on the list of equipment of the G1. So, the G1 offers a full keyboard, which was according to Mossberg despite slightly flat buttons “ok”. The critics also point to the replaceable battery, voice dialing and MMS function, the fine Google Street view view the slot for a memory card. The camera also offers a higher resolution than the Apple competitor with 3 mega pixel.

The open Android operating system deserves high praise. So any Android developers can offer its tools on the so-called market to directly download. According to David Pogue, neither T-Mobile nor Google will make impact on the content of this markets.Journalist Mossberg invited to spot a few programs on the test device. This worked without problems, the tools worked reliably. But the operation was well received: operating system and touch screen responded quickly after his statements.

Google phone-the weaknesses
In terms of music and videos, the G1 lags behind the Apple iPhone. Media Player it should be according to the US journalists a minimalistic tool, that can not even play videos. Only YouTube videos can look through the browser. Speaking of browser: the comfortable zoom-zooming in and out with two fingers, as we know it from the iPhone, works for the G1 does not. The multi-touch function is still reserved for Apple users.

Who has not much to Google’s services on the hat, is the G1 be disappointed, so Wall-Street-Journal author Mossberg. Since the phone supports only the in-house services such as Google Gmail for synchronizing contacts, appointments and emails.Microsoft Outlook users are left in the lurch.

According to Mossberg, the G1 will win no beauty contest. He referred to the mobile phone at, which is 30 percent fat and 20 percent heavier than the iPhone, as “stoppelig and Husky.” And also the small space is cause for criticism. Only with a memory card, even purchased G1 owners blow the place up to a maximum of 8 GB. The iPhone offers twice as many GB in its White Variant.

The critics also doubt whether T-Mobile is the right operator for the UMTS mobile phone. Finally, T-Mobile in the US currently only available in 19 cities offers the fast data standard. By comparison, UMTS delivers the iPhone partners AT & T in 280 cities.

Conclusion: “Exciting ride”
Despite the downsides, the critics are agreed: the G1 is a “powerful and versatile device” (Mossberg).

“Android is superior-Windows Mobile and it is open,” David Pogue.”The G1 is the first phone that uses the Android. “The first of many-and that is a more exciting ride”, as the New-York-Times columnist next.