Google Music Bet on Albums with Promotional Price of $ 2 for Cyber ​​Monday

Still missing in Brazil a large store, Blocky for selling online content. There is information that the iTunes Store national debut on December 8, but nothing has been confirmed by Apple. Meanwhile, in the United States, the Google promotes several albums by only $ 1.99 during what they call there for Cyber ​​Monday. In good, I also want a mamata these.

Of course, the Beatles do not appear in the catalog of items for $ 1.99 offered by Google only on Monday. But until we have good options to use the last bit of money that was not spent during the promotions that follow the Thanksgiving Day Thanksgiving, holiday that has value Christmas for Americans (that I understand the American culture, although I has never gone there this time of year).

Among the artists selected for the bargin are Pink Floyd (very good!), She & Him (good!) And Mariah Carey (it is …). All well known in the outside world, I’m sure. And there are those bands less known – and perhaps this is the best chance to put music new player in the smartphone running Android.

Unfortunately, there are not many chances to download full albums for less than R $ 4,00 (considering the exchange rate of the time this article is written). At least not when we are talking about the resources made ​​available officially by Google. It’s the Music, whose music offering was announced recently, is only available to users based in the United States. In no other part of the world Cyber ​​Monday should appear.

The Cyber ​​Monday takes place the first Monday after the Thanksgiving Day of Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Here in Brazil some stores did special offers on Black Friday, but nothing that made ​​me deeply want to buy a product due to special price. He had to fight on Twitter to see who was promoting cheaper.