Google Mobile Search Will Display Ads with Buy Button

You do a search on Google, see the announcement of an interesting product and there, without leaving the browser, makes the purchase. A promising idea? You will soon find out: after a quiet testing phase, Google will begin displaying ads so in the coming weeks.


Initially, only a few US retailers have access to the format. Thus, Google may consider the acceptance of the ads and make the necessary adjustments before releasing them to more stores.

The feature is being called “Purchases on Google” (“Shopping in Google” in free translation). The idea is that Google acts as a transaction broker. By clicking on the ad, the user is directed to a page within the same service that displays more details about the product.

It is up to the merchant to take care of inventory, pricing, logistics and other aspects, but Google will display the product information and provide means of payment – the buyer can even use your account on Android Pay.

But it is not that Google perform part of the operation which should attract tenants. Based on the user’s search history and other details, the seeker can estimate that items are more likely to please him, increasing the chances of generating a sale.

The purchase button is not the only novelty. On the product page, Google will also display a field for the user to find similar items, for example. Additionally, some ads may redirect to a store app (like eBay) instead of a page on Google.

There are options even for physical trades: Google Now will be able to display cards with exclusive promotions and other information when the user is passing by a given establishment. If you click there, the person can even navigate through a virtual window to decide if it is worth entering the store.

Details are on this page. Looking back, all these features initially apply to the United States. Google did not say when you want to make them available in other countries.