Google Launches Second Generation of Nexus 7

Google began selling today, in the US, the Nexus 7, the second generation of the tablet made in partnership with the Taiwanese Asus.

News:a new processor, a new screen with higher resolution and the Android 4.3 system, for now an exclusivity of this device.

The tablet also gains a new Adreno 320 GPU graphics processor, the same one used in the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Google also decided to add a 5MP rear camera that did not exist in the previous model.

Oh, he’s also lighter and thinner than his big brother.

See here the complete Nexus 7-2 configuration table and the first generation Nexus 7 comparison.

Price also received upgrade

From bad, the price increase.

The Nexus 7 wi-fi, with 16GB, moves from the current $ 199 to $ 229.99.

The 32GB model comes out at $ 269.99 (versus $ 249 in the previous generation).

The Nexus 7 starts to be sold from July 30, for now only in the US.

Until then, Google is only accepting a reservation when purchasing the device.

Note: the US store Best Buy has already started selling the two models as of today (July 26) at the prices quoted above.

Good sales

The Nexus 7 was launched worldwide in June 2012, with the main selling point being its cost-benefit: for $ 199, the 16GB Wi-Fi model arrived with a 1280 x 800 screen and an NVidia Quad-core processor 1.3 GHz.

It was to be a competitor to other “cheap” tablets, such as Amazon ‘s Kindle Fire.

But success in sales has made Google people think of higher flights.And try to bite a slice of Apple and iPads.

Maybe that’s why the company is not giving so much importance to the price increase of the new models.

The device, which is part of the Nexus line – which also includes the Nexus 4 smart phone and the Nexus 10 tablet – has already sold close to 4.6 million units in 2012 (versus around 10 million mini iPads).

It’s no small thing.That number represents 10 percent of all Android tablets marketed in 2012.

In Brazil, a great deal of confusion

Finding a Nexus 7 in Brazilian stores is like playing hide and seek.

The first “launch” happened on January 24, 2013, in the online store of Magazine Luiza.But it simply disappeared two days later.

At the end of January it reappeared on the same site, and in others, like the FNAC.It disappeared again in the first week of February.

Finally, the Nexus 7 (the 16GB model) began to be sold exclusively by Walmart Brazilian, for 999 reais, since April 25 at Walmart (in the United States can find it for about 179 reais).

It turns out that if you go to the Brazilian Walmart online store today (July 26th) you will be faced with an “Ooops!Product Out of stock”.

Some Asus executives – the maker of the tablet – would be unhappy about how the Nexus 7 was launched in Brazil by Google and would have directed sales efforts for the Asus Memopad tablet that can be found for less than 400 Brazilian retail stores.