Google i/o: Android m, Google Photos, Google Now, Cardboard, Android Studio

On its in-house exhibition, Google shows a preview of the future Android M, Google improved photo management photo, a descendant of Android for mini-systems, an improved cardboard and a few more details.

Google’s Eröffungs press conference starting today developers fair Google I/O in San Francisco-two hours and off you go with Android M. Also for Android wear, Google wants to announce in the course of the evening news, as computergees says. The team of our podcasts c’t uplink comments on the keynote live video, and Tech Stage results in a live blog.

First, Google Manager Sundar Pichai called a few figures: he sees the Android fragmentation as an advantage, everyone could select the device appropriate for him. Meanwhile, there are 4000 various Android models, over 400 manufacturers, over 500 mobile phone provider. Also the small Chromecast-stick was a success, 17 million pieces were sold, 20,000 apps available. New: The US broadcaster HBO now is on Chromecast be available soon, and thus including the popular series of games of Thrones and Silicon Valley.

Developer version of Android M

Then Google Android M anyway, a pre-release version, which will be distributed also promptly demonstrated. What does the M, not disclosed Google–in the intro video, the milky way was in any case, to see and then in a pan of Mars… both also names of candy.

Android pay will be expanded: it loads with a credit card on the device (AmEx, MasterCard, Visa) and paid thus. also payment by U.S. provider AT & T, T-Mobile, and Verizon is supported. Initially playing a 700,000 US stores. About an international launch, Google gave no information yet. Requires Android 4.4.

Update 19:20 Uhr: Android wear

Only an extension of Google was new fit: the app uses now better all sensors of the watch to find out which sport of the user currently executing.

20:00 Update: Google now recognizes the context

Brillo is intended for the Internet of things, an extremely stripped-down Android that should run on miniature devices and connect them to each other. Mainly it is about home automation: all controllable lamps, speakers, switches, and other devices to be easily centrally controllable.

The digital assistant Google now gets an improved context sensitivity. For example, asking “What is his real name”, while listening to music, Google searches for the currently played musicians to information. Also, other information from the environment is collected to such non-specific questions. Also new is that you can type in any app on a Word and then gets Google now maps to,: info, new dates, and the like. “Now on Tap” Google calls this function. Also the speech recognition to better evaluate the contents of the screen and give priority to appear words even if she speaks to this very indistinct.

Image: GoogleDie photo management has Google completely transformed: Google photo is rather an extensive photo and video database as the previous simple image viewer. Google photo is linked to the cloud, quasi the Photo Department of Google +. The new version is available from today, under Android, iOS, and in the browser. The cloud Google increases: every user gets unlimited free storage for photos up to 16 MP and videos up to 1080 p.

Update 20:30 pm: Android NDK support Studio

The development environment for Android Gets an update to version 1.3 of Google showed a preview Studio. Especially the NDK support added, so the ability to write code in c/c++ and assembler. This has been possible also so far – and also in the old development environment eclipsed — but in Android Studio let NDK parts only with a lot of manual work to integrate. In addition, the Gradle build should be accelerated. An iOS support via CocoaPods was also mentioned; It’s only the IOS usable parts of the SDK, not a cross-platform solution.

The Google cloud messaging (to send an opportunity for developers, messages to their apps on user devices) supports now also iOS and subscribing to topics. The service sends 70 billion messages daily, over 600,000 apps take advantage of him.

Update 21:15: cardboard and jump

There was also a new version of the cardboard cardboard glasses, she takes on in-house nexus 6 now especially 6-inch devices like that. Also, the 3D technology is jump.

The play of the app store is family-friendly: Google launches third-party content ratings for all apps.

The video of the Conference I/O is currently not online on the official pages of Google, but on Google’s YouTube channel you can look completely. (jow)