Google+ Has Fewer Visits to Brazil Chat UOL

Almost two years after the launch of Google +, the adoption of the social network remains low, despite Google’s efforts to make everyone go there. The most recent, presented at Google I / O, were the change in the feed layout and incrementing improvements in photos. In Brazil, the social network is in ninth place in the visits behind other sites you may not be aware that they exist.

The survey was conducted by Serasa Experian and relied on the opinions of 500 thousand Brazilians to see the importance of each social network here.

Facebook reigns, with a share of 66.54% of visits to social networks in the country. Second, comes the Youtube with a much smaller percentage: 18.48%. Third, Orkut, which a few years ago was the social network most adopted here, has only 2.2% – a decrease of 19.09% over the previous year.

In the following settings, the percentages are even lower. Twitter, surprisingly, is in sixth place with 1.75%. Before him appear and -Believe – Yahoo! Results with 2.1% and 1.8%, respectively.

But what is striking is the placement of Google+, which hardly enters the top 10 with 0.78%. Even more if we consider that for about a year, it was reported that the third country with more users there was Brazil.

At the end of 2012, Google said that Google’s social network has reached 500 million users worldwide, with 235 million using their services (such as Hangout) and 135 million posting things. These numbers seem very low in relation to the total. As everyone who has Gmail also has an account on G +, Google is with cheating face.

Remember that Youtube and Orkut are also Google. So, the company has three social networks in the top 10 of the most visited by Brazilians and the total percentage it is 21.46%.

Behind Google+, Windows Live Home closes the list of 10 social networks more accessible here with 0.57%. And most frequented that G +, Badoo are in seventh place (1.07%) and Chat UOL – is a social network? – Eighth (0.84%).