Google Gives Android Six New Voices in Spanish

If you already don’t most that woman’s voice a little accelerated with which Google voice synthesis answers on Android phones for several years, finally there is an alternative. Has come an update that adds six new options, both male and female.

Although it is not yet on Google Play, you can install the 3.8.13 version synthesis of voice by means of their apk. In regards to Spanish, gives access to the file set of voices 1, weighing 7, 9 MB. A light weight because you have to remember there are no voices in high quality which have been tested in some languages in 2014.

Once downloaded just have to follow the route settings > language and text input > synthesis of voice and in the selection of Google voice synthesis engine options > install voice files > Spanish (Spain). From that moment you can try and choose between always, “woman”, three female and three male.

In fact they are just two different voices distorted six different ways to sound more serious or more acute. Novelty really have at their disposition the male comments if you want to change after so many years and, for example, stop listening to this woman say “clapper” instead of “Badajoz” when you drive by the A5 with Google Maps enabled.

It may seem to many somewhat circumstantial, but I’d like to know the opinion of some people with special needs, they need Talkback to use the device and call this function for reading books or articles. Change of partner after so long or will remain for a lifetime?