Go to the Fishing and Back Without Any Fish?

If you like fish have probably been through difficult moments during the practice of this sport. A fishery, as all activity, has its secrets in order to be successful. For this reason it is not uncommon that the fishermen return home without catching any fish. Has this ever happened to you? In the article below you will check what can be wrong when you come back from fishing without any fish.

Lack of organization

The fishery is a methodical work that requires great planning and organization. Prepare in advance and check out all the material that will be used: the rods, reels, your reels, lures, deposits, feeding it’s going to take for you and friends who will accompany you in this endeavor. Also check the condition of the vessel. Never go to the fishery without planning.

Ill-prepared body

Out fishing unfed is not good business. The fisherman will spend hours in the middle of the river or the sea, involved with an activity that can bring you body wear. It is worth preparing your body to withstand the Sun or rain, the effort of the activity and the water balance. Are well provided with food and drinking water when out of the House!

Wrong choice of bait

The fishing bait can be alive, dead or artificial. According to oakdaleblog, the choice of bait is related to the type and size of the fish you want, the season or time of fishing and the location where it will be held. You may want to use depending on the size of the bait fish. Should be dead baits in proportional pieces. Another tip is to use the bait at the same location in which they are found. The bait can be tiny worms, fish, crabs, shrimp, worms.

Find out about the best bait for your style of fishing. Today, it is possible to find a wide variety of artificial baits, which facilitate enough this task of finding the perfect bait!

Wrong fishing period

It is essential to know the best times to fish. In coastal fisheries, the better is one day before the full moon, due to the effects that cause star fish. During those nights, the light is more intense, favoring the movement of fish and your appearance to the surface. The first two hours of the flood tide are also conducive to the activity, because the water brings diverse power that attracts fish and allows for longer casts, without having to get their feet wet.

For this reason it is good to use an appropriate calendar, taking into account the phases of the Moon, the water level, the breeding season of the fish and other important features that you should evaluate before heading out to fish. There are also freshwater calendars. Both types of calendars are easy to acquire for free at specialty stores and over the Internet.

Improper use of the equipment

It is necessary to handle well the fishing rod, using properly reels or reels. Care in the pitch, the ability to pull the line, correct use of crashes, right choice of equipment (cull the best occasion to use reel or spool), be part of your own equipment (work in conjunction with it)-are tips that will really help the fisherman to be successful in the fisherywhile avoiding “wigs”, line twisted or damaged instruments.

Lack of patience

Just take a chance going out to fish if you have a lot of patience. The fishing is an activity that demands to know wait, deal with the difficulties and have time available to get the best fish. There will be times when you’ll spend hours and won’t be able to fish for nothing. In other situations, however, in a few minutes, get a satisfactory collection of fish, 1.

You back from some fishery without any fish? You know say if you made any of the above errors? Tell us a little of your experience!