Choose the right gloves!

Although not mandatory, they can add a touch of refinement and are in fact the most traditional accessories for this special day.

They are best suited for evening ceremonies, but if you want to use them then follow some rules so you do not look bad on your wedding day.

Glove type according to dress model

– 3/4 (below the elbow): Suitable for shoulder-to-shoulder and front-only style wedding dresses and for a more casual ceremony. The dress should accompany this choice being more steamy and youthful and short-sleeved.

– 7/8 (above the elbow): The most indicated are the cai-cai and also the front-only but always for more formal dresses and with wide necklines.

Caution:Dresses with completed sleeves do not match with gloves.

Gloves for each time

– Morning:ask for short gloves

– Afternoon:semi-long

– Night:gloves above the elbow

Who should not wear gloves

– Who has very thick or thin arms

More rules

– Never give someone a gloved hand.

– Do not put the engagement ring over the glove or the future wedding ring.

– You should not wear them during the party. If you do, remove them before eating anything.

– When you enter the altar with your father or another companion, if you go hand in hand, you should take the one from the left hand (holding it with the right). If you are given arm, you can use both, but you should remove them as soon as you reach the altar. Attention to these details, the accessory including glove will appreciate according to

Taking the pair off the sleeve for the exchange of alliances can make any bride nervous, however, it is necessary to do it with all naturalness and elegance, as if it were part of the ritual of the alliances. In fact, this is the moment when you should withdraw them when the priest bless the alliances and you should only replace them when you leave the church.

Gently pull on the tip of each finger and then gently remove the entire sleeve without leaving it inside out. Ask the godmother to help her at this time, holding the glove and the bouquet. A second option is to remove them as soon as they reach the altar, and replace them only at the time of departure. When you reach the place of the glass of water you have to remove them. The rules of etiquette as already said above is not to greet anyone with gloves, plus has a new ring not eager to use it and to show it? This is the ideal time.