Glamping: Camping in Style

It is true that lately the industry of camping equipment has produced useful and practical products that greatly facilitate a natural vacation, but you can safely forget about back pain in the morning to have slept on the ground, the water never boils on the stove to field, the perpetually rumpled clothes in the backpack, because now is the Glamping, ie the glamorous camping!

When you go to glamping – which is often designed by landscape designers – so you sleep in a tent, but this looks more than our usual curtain to that of some sultan of fairytales, complete with a bed, carpets, soft pillows, sofas and chandeliers. Glamping in the campsite but a short, we are closer to the idea of a suite in the open air, between comfort and style details, such as those proposed by Jessie Jane on Lilyshop : vintage furniture, a comfortable bed, fine fabric.

Now for glamping campgrounds are available in many places, perfect for a luxury vacation but in contact with nature or a special occasion such as a honeymoon, and they are already prepared to welcome you with every comfort. But if you want to organize yourself your tent you can take a look at sites like Boutique Camping where there are huge tents to accommodate excellent bed and sofa in perfect glamping style, plus a range of accessories inevitable.

Do not forget to give everything a decorative touch, perhaps with a graceful swag like this (onFiskars the tutorial).

And if you can not give up the sleeping bag, all right, but at least it is handmade like these of Good Intent, available on Etsy!