Giorgio Armani Perfume Review

Sì.” Yes. A beautiful name for a fragrance that has a nice → campaign also fits. Advertising face of “Sì” is the Oscar Prize winner Cate Blanchett (was the dress not a dream?), also “Sì” says in the video. To dream, to freedom, to life, to the silence, to the seduction to emotions, to the craziness, to love, to a new beginning for the serenity, for the strength to “us two”, to himself. A positive fragrance by Giorgio Armani, where it all goes well. “Sì” insanely good, and that like myself, although I’m actually not a fan of Eau de perfume (but now there maybe something has changed!). I have taken many times to “Sì” , it has become a kind of “Goes”-Parfum for me and there is a small review of course close…

Giorgio Armani Perfume Review

“Sì.” Yes. A beautiful name for a perfume with a beautiful campaign. The face of “Sì” is Oscar winner Cate Blanchett, who says “Sì” in the video. To dreams, to freedom, to silence, to seduction, to emotions, to folly, to love, to a new beginning, to serenity, to force, to “US two”, to herself. A positive fragrance by Giorgio Armani, where everything fits together perfectly. I really adore ‘Sì’, even though I’m actually not a fan of eau de perfume (seems as if I’m changing my mind!). I reached for “Sì” many times, it has become a “go to” perfume for me, so it what just natural to write a little review…

The packaging is kept simple. Beige pink with black label, golden and grey elements. The same goes for the bottle – he is simply but something special, why not least also probably the large black lids is to blame. He reminds me of a gemstone, black and shiny. He is though not massive and heavy, but still easy to handle. The glass bottle itself is kept very simple and filled with – suitable for cardboard box – beige pink perfume.

The perfume is currently available at in three sizes: 30 ml for €49,99 (normal price €59.95), 50 ml for €74.99 (normal price €85,), 100 ml for €107,-(normal price €114,-).

Appropriately, there is a shower gel (200 ml for about €39.99) and a body lotion (200 ml for €43.99).

On the map, I must admit that I would also hope on an eau de toilette. I can very well imagine that a slightly lighter version for spring and summer could definitely be a favourite – generally I prefer lighter, fresher fragrances Finally, even if I like to wear the EdP in this case.

“Sì” is an extremely seductive scent, very feminine. A bit fruity, at the same time but very floral and creamy oak. The fragrance is as follows:

Top notes:Mandarin, black currant liqueur, Sicilian bergamot
Heart notes:may rose absolue, neroli absolue, Egyptian Jasmine absolue
Base notes:Amber, light woods, Orcanox, patchouli, vanilla absolue

So I feel the scent:

Directly after spraying on a very fresh note stands out once, the citrus top notes traces are clearly visible, fade rather quickly. It follows an intense floral bouquet, which is already supported by the base note. As a result, the scent is not very light and fresh, but heavy and creamy powdery – but not in a stale way! The light wood support that skip (and I am of course as always very Jasmin), up in the base notes intense essences of flowers and are still far away. The vanilla is likely to be slightly less dominant for me at the end – if you like vanilla, will be safe here, I even like vanilla only in tiny doses.Nonetheless, also concluded a beautiful composition, which simply convinces.

My conclusion:

I say ‘Sì’, especially to this perfume. I like it through and through and though’s an Eau de Parfum and pretty hard, I wore during the day often and love it. I like the femininity, which radiates it, it of sexy and smooth, yet easy and playful. I like the “warm” feeling when worn, the development of the fragrance on my skin – and will not so quickly put “Sì” with security. As I said, I would be happy but also about an Eau de Toilette I would love probably even a bit more. Who knows, maybe this is even in planning! I hope so anyway!

“Sì” is extremely feminine, it’s sexy and affectionate, but at the same time light and playful. It starts with a fresh citrus note, merging into a intense floral and “creamy” note which is supported by the wooden notes in the base note. At the end, there’s a lot of vanilla, very warm and powdery – a beautiful composition. Still, I’m hoping for a lighter version of “Sì”, an eau de toilette, which I’d probably love even more, especially for spring and summer. I really love the eau de parfum, but as I’m a lover of fresh perfumes, I’m sure that this would be a perfect fragrance for me. I hope that it’s being planned!