Get Started in Fly Fishing

Today should be it whether and how dare his introduction to fly fishing.

Is Fliegenfischen…was this? Fly fishing? With flying? Fishing on flying fish? And this is not incredibly difficult?

Again and again I know in conversation with other anglers that it applies to overcome a big hurdle when it comes to this topic actually incredibly exciting. Prevailing ignorance, prejudice, or even fears. Fly fishing is similar to elitist like golf versnobbt and insanely difficult to learn. As a result, don’t bother to try many, or simply reject it. But is it really true?

The history of fly fishing

It is clear that fishing with artificial flies is a very old method of fishing was carried out according to current findings already in ancient Egypt. Records which describe the use of artificial flies around 200 ad. In the middle ages, “Flying fish” then seems to have been a popular pastime of the Knights. The continued development of classic fly fishing then took its course in the English room. There followed the most noble or at least wohlbetuchte fly fishing clear rules and wore clothing appropriate to the event. But since then is long gone and plenty of water flowed down the river and even fly-fishing has changed much (to the great happiness). What remains is the incomparable charm, which probably already in history has pulled the fly fisherman in his spell and should encourage every angler, to think about an introduction to fly fishing.

But now times slowly and step by step. Consider just time, what makes fly-fishing and why it represents a beautiful alternative or better complement to all other types of angling. The matter aims towards fish to a nearly weightless insects or fish imitation carry to believe same natural food. And so, a difference is clear also directly for spin fishing. You can give a lure which weighs almost nothing, just in the classical style not on distance. Thus you must enjoy a special casting technique, in which a weighted cord serves as a casting weight.

Previously, this line consisted of braided horse hair or silk. The preparation and maintenance of the fly lines was then extremely elaborate. Today it’s mostly braided cord souls, which are coated with PVC, polyurethane or similar plastics. There are also more accessories like for example tungsten to the desired string properties, to reach floating assets or sink rate. The care is thus reduced to a minimum.

Why dare get started in fly fishing?

But for what the whole thing? First of all, insects in many waters are the main food source of the fish and occur with slip events to such an extent that the fish eat very selectively just this food. Partly they confined completely to a kind of insects. In this case, it is very hard to start even with all other lures.

But even under normal circumstances, many fish can be trick with insects, and just as naturally to make corresponding imitations made of feather, fur and light, fluffy art materials. The result weighs often far below one gram and can bring to normal fishing tackle not sensibly on distance, nor of course to present the fish. Therefore, the handle to the fly rod and getting started in fly fishing is almost inevitable at least on this point.

Even when fishing for predatory fish such as Pike, fly fishing offers completely new possibilities. In some waters, the Pike properly respond to artificial lures. They are often caught. So just choose fly fishing bait in AndrewFishing. You floating weightless in the water and pulsating with every small movement of water. This can be very successful and many exciting drill mean.

Coarse fish tapping! Not your thing? Then red feathers on dry fly, Alande on Popper fly, tench or even carp in the run start once. And even bleak with lightest device on tiny nymphs. It all goes with the fly rod. And without any dough, maggots, worms and feeding.

The ultimate reason-fly fishing is incredibly fun!

But there are of course even the most important reason for the choice of fly fishing as a weapon and get started in fly fishing… the fun of it! The casting and fishing with the fly rod is nunmal something completely different. How often is told even by anglers who have started in fly fishing just behind him, had never been so exciting and entertaining days on the water they spent. And often even without fish.

Keep, don’t misunderstand. That doesn’t mean that you fly fishing less fängt…sondern that the fish and throwing is just even then great fun when it comes back home as a tailor. It is simply different focused. Focuses on throwing. On the manifests of fish. Observing the flow around his next shot to plan and the insects in search of the right pattern to connect. It throws, and watching what learns the flow macht…und with cord and fly from each litter newly.

Total seen fishing and nature all around are often in a different way and then at the other end of the cord still a fish einsteigt…ich can tell you! But to do this another time.

Remains still the hurdle with the difficult throwing technique. Well, I can tell you that a higher curb is still max out of the supposed hurdle with a reasonable price, a useful together provided device (which must be not necessarily expensive) and a modicum of exercise will. Anyone can learn fly fishing and once infected by the virus of fly fishing, he is won’t let go of you.

If you have interest in the subject of fly fishing, we do weekend ‘Fly fishing for beginners’ courses at Pike & bass regularly at unbeatable prices, for just under “Fishing trips” in our shop look. Who wants even more intensive care at his first attempt, check the Guidingangebot in my BarramundiBay fishing school and directly book a course with me.

In any case, that was just the first post on the subject, soon there are more posts to go fishing with the fly rod from me!