Get Inspired In The Style Of Alicia Vikander, Actress Who Competes For The Oscar

Alicia Vikander is one of the names of the moment in cinema: was nominated for major awards for your impeccable performance in the Danish Girl and also excelled in Ex-machina. But it’s not just about the professional talent that the actress has drawn attention: with a lot of style, she won the admiration of legions of fashionistas excited with their stunning looks. Proof of your popularity in the fashion world is that she made the cover of American Vogue.

In terms of beauty, Alicia is clean and minimal, well according to its Scandinavian origins. The posture and elegance reveal your past training as a professional dancer. Comfort seems to be basic prerequisite in choice of looks – and it shows the same ease wearing jeans or dress black tie.

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At the Golden Globes fell in love with white model and Louis Vuitton pleat. Highlighting the neckline side in so far as, with an air of romantic and contemporary:

In the Screen Actor’s guild ´ surprised with another Vuitton, much more daring: Patchwork of paet.

Style sweater in 90 years climate, also of Vuitton. Note that the loose hair becomes highlighted and she dispenses with the use of jewelry.

When the dress has more information she keeps the discreet beauty with hairdos and light makeup. Leather dress used in the Bafta secured the post of best dressed of the night. Sexy and powerful, without losing the elegance:

Opening an exception with Greek Mermaid model who lives in London, Mary Katrantzou. Here you can take a lesson: As the dress is more elaborate and decorated, hair stuck and smaller accessories complement the look.

So many Louis Vuitton looks are not coincidence, she became the poster girl of the brand and the uses in most important events, often with looks made exclusively for her in collaboration with the great Nicholas Ghesquiere, Creative Director of the brand, and your stylist Victoria Sekrier.

When you’re not fulfilling your contract with the maison française, loves British designers and prioritizes female creations: Stella McCartney, Rosetta Getty and our Gaucho who lives in London, Barbara Casasola are some of his favorites. Neutral tones are usual, but open except for pink light up pink.

Dress blush tone of Barbara Casasola. Here’s one more tip, like the dress of course and could erase your countenance, the choice of bracelets rosé and darker grey pumps light and leave the visual composition harmonious and “lit”.

In more informal events, love looks good but always modern with a touch of femininity. Prints are not as common in their choices, but when it chooses to some like the classic floral, stripes and poás:

Here in the Resort of Vuitton, mix of textures with lace blouse and classic tweed skirt. The trapped hair and once again the absence of accessories guarantee cool result:

The Swedish girl with style to watch.