Get Inspired In The Extravagant Costumes Of Julianne Trevisol In “Totally Awesome”

The so-called “it-girls” are women who throw trends in fashion. Full of personality, style and originality, they love to create, invent and mix when it comes to the visual. The actress Julianne Trevisol Maria Luiza fashionista lives, or simply Lu, in “totally awesome”, TV Globo. And come up with fun, modern looks, and often extravagant. But always original.

Choker, double ring Gladiator sandal. How to use the accessories of the characters of “the rule of the game” and “totally awesome”

Inspire yourself in the hair of Carolina Castillo, the character of Juliana Paes in “totally awesome”

— It is important to note that an ‘ it girl ‘ is not that girl who uses everything in fashion. They are compositions that most women would not. Are you safe, confident and influence by your behavior, because they’re not afraid to make a mistake — says the fashion and style consultant, Aditya Bortolin.

The visual of the Lu is a success because it is different and very tasteful.

— People today crave the new, by all that is different. To remain popular is must always innovate, re-create, and invent. What is different always attracts more — says the professional, highlighting her ability to mix the accessories with the clothes.

— She merges romantic pieces with modern and urban areas, leaving the look cheerful and fun, reflecting exactly the your personality in the novel — parses.

Not just any person, however, who aspires to be a fashion icon. Still, you can copy the wardrobe of the character actress. Just wake up inspired and looking for something different.

In the scene, Julianne appears with many looks in pastel, which almost always give a romantic air to the composition. In other situations, less “colorful”, she bet on black and white, that is super high. Glasses, earrings, scarves tied at the wrist and hand cards give the final touch.

Mixing prints, various sizes, colors and textures is always risky, despite being a trademark of blogger from fiction. But, who doesn’t take risks, does not perform. The designer, teaches that all women can dare.

— Our mirror is always our best friend: look at him and see if the composition was harmonic and, if you like, have the guts to go out on the street. If you receive many compliments means that hit, if it does not receive … err is part, the best and greatest discoveries were made by people who have tried and missed several times. Always remember to try again — suggests.